Top 5 Ways to have a productive day

Become Productive

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Have you ever gone to sleep thinking that your day was not at all productive? That you could have done more than what you did or you could have had a more fulfilling day? Have you read many articles on having a productive day and a productive life or seen videos on this? Well, this happens to everyone. So before reading any further I want you a promise yourself that whatever you read from this article, you will try to implement it in your life to the best of your abilities, Say it out loud if you have to, because saying is believing, and believing is doing.  

Write it down.

Get yourself a calendar and a to-do list application, and write every single thing that you have to do in this, it can be an important call with a client or going for a walk, testing out this new restaurant, basically anything which is a task or an event you can think of, write it down. Because we are basically programmed in a way that makes us forget things very quickly,  and in this fast-paced, never waiting for anyone’s world, writing down everything will certainly not let you forget about anything that you had to do.

Plan it.

Try planning your entire month in advance so that you do not lose the track of time and become unproductive. By planning here, I do not mean writing every single detail of what you have to do each day, you just have to very vaguely make deadlines about certain things you want to achieve, such as if you are learning to program, you can plan it something like 2 weeks into the month, I want to at least know how to structure a normal website by myself or something along the line. Write these small things down, mark them as events on google calendar so that you are reminded of them, and try to complete them honestly.


Go to digital wellbeing if you are on android or something equivalent for apple and check how many times you unlock your phone, and how long you use it, You will quickly notice that it’s way more than it should be. The best way to counter this is to keep your phone away while you are working, or if you are expecting a phone call just mute notifications and keep the screen facing down so you are not constantly getting bombarded with a new notification every few minutes. Or the best method would be to just have a separate one hour of your day dedicated to just checking your phone so you can focus entirely on your work.


This is more useful for students or people working from home. What you can essentially do is study or work for 25 minutes and take 5 minutes break. This tricks your brain that you have to give your best for 25 minutes straight and it can relax after that, it creates an urgency of sorts. If you have more attention span than 25 minutes you can go for 45-15, 50-10,  60-20, or any such configuration you feel most comfortable with, do this 4 times and take a bigger break generally spanning from 30 minutes to an hour.

Eat that frog first

Brian Tracy author of eat that frog first book explains that doing the most difficult ugliest work first thing to achieve your goals faster if you have two difficult tasks or lets say frogs, eat the uglier one first (more difficult one). At the end of the day create a new list for the next day and do the same again.

Side note: Start doing meditation its good to increase your focus on everything you do making you more productive.

Yug Agarwal



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