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Gilignite- Ballistile

6th December 2023 | 12 Views

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Other day I was talking to students how people leave their memorable #legacy in world.

I asked my students a question,

Why does one do what one does?

Students gave many answers to above question. The same I am listing below.

1 the need for #certainty.

2. the need of #variety in life

3 the need to prove that life is important, #unique and in some way special.

4.the need to live in world of abundance and #compassion

5.the need to be connected in world through love

I explained to students in following way” so  friends if all have the same five needs, why does one behave #differently?

Student answered “depending on priority of ones need one act differently”.

I said”friends many people wish to give something to #world that will be valued and #treasured by those who survive after his/her death.They leave a positive #legacy.”

Scientist Alfred Nobel was one whose priority was in field of #science and #technology. He left legacy in same field.

To explain students about his contributions to scientific world and society I wrote poem about his legacy entitled” Legacy Memorable”. Same I pasted on my school notice board and listing below for my #esteem readers.

 How to Leave Memorable Legacy

Scientist Alfred Nobel- Brain Child

 Where I am standing friends?

Is it place of #worship?

Voice came from Heavens—

This is office of #Nobel foundation

 Whose voice is that—-?

 I am soul Alfred Nobel friend,

 Can’t believe my ears—sir,

 Expert chemistry, sir! Nobel Alfred, I welcome you  sir,

 You invented, Explosives #Dynamite and #Gilignite,

 Used in mining,

 You invented, Rocket propellant #Ballistile.


 Friend! with the chemicals explosives,

 I had fortune of buying, Engineering company #Bofors,

 I always wished to save countries,

 From attack of death devils,

To full fill my inner wish, I converted,

 It to manufacture arms company.


I started earning, Money by selling arms,

People started calling,

Me death merchant man -arms,

 My soul was in big #shock-chaos,

 I got login to my e soul, Special email stated,

 It is painful,

 For one to be remembered,

As death merchant,

 Among future generations.

Inside me there was chaos,

Suddenly came difference in my soul,

 With several #magnitude orders positive I took wise decision,

In 1895 I donated 250 million, Dollars and built Nobel foundation.


 I strongly recommend friend!

 To be strong man in society,

 My experience as successful, Business scientist,

Friend, is to stretch one’s heart, and mind,

 And be very kind to needy friend.

To achieve ambitious goals;

 And to leave legacy #memorable,

 Dear friend! please search inside soul,

All power to bring change positive,

 Is with in you, not outside you,

 That is for sure.


 Every moment please listen to your soul,

 One day surely you will get login to your #e-soul,

Read those magic emails suggestions,

And implement them thought fully,

In format useful to humanity.

With this truth #eternal,

And my brain child ideas,

When I log in to my e soul,

 I got call of my life,

 I made foundation #Nobel.


Thanks sir! for wonderful,

Gift to humanity foundation Nobel,

 Every year when prizes Nobel,

Are given by foundation Nobel,

 To excellent #scientist, peace makers, Doctors and authors,

World salutes and remember you fondly,

 The best #philanthropist successful,

 Scientist #Alfred Nobel.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


e- Mail-sukarma

Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection: Sukarma Thareja: 9781521260067: Books

Amazon US link :


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