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Skin Benefits of Vitamin K

5th December 2023 | 3 Views

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Vitamin K shows the behaviour of a fat soluble vitamin and it shows its greatest role in blood coagulation. 

Beneficial effects of Vitamin K that it shows on our skin:

Img 20231205 080515

1 = Dark circles are growing to be the greatest concern for people because of their cosmetic unlikeliness and they make people feel ashamed if they are on their face. Have you ever thought why dark circles appear around your eyes why not on other parts of the face? The reason is the thinning of skin around the eyes as compared to other parts of the face. This property makes skin around the eyes more vulnerable to pigmentation as well as wrinkling. Vitamin K along with Vitamin C and other compounds have the ability to fight these dark circles which commonly appear around the eyes.

2 = Vitamin K has shown proven results in its ability to reduce wrinkles on the face which were coming on the face of aging people. Formation of wrinkles on the face occurs when skin loses its elasticity because of decreased collagen content. Vitamin K along with its fellow vitamins like Vitamin C can increase the likelihood of Collagen synthesis and this way, it can increase the freshness of your face by decreasing the process of wrinkling.

3 = As we come out of the room, our skin faces a lot of free radical damage because of the pollutants present in the air in the form of smoke, UV rays etc. This free radicle damage can show its impact on the skin texture and the skin colour. Vitamin K is the vitamin that has the power to reduce the intensity of damage by free radicles and sun rays.

4 = As we all know, Vitamin K shows a pivotal and important role in blood clotting and in stopping blood leakage after a trauma. People having decreased amounts of Vitamin K in their bodies are vulnerable to excessive and uncontrollable bleeding from the wound sites.

5 = When your skin shows hyperresponsiveness to some specific allergens and develops allergic reactions on the skin, then this Vitamin K comes as a remedy in the prevention and treatment of this allergic reaction because of its role as an anti-inflammatory substance.

6 = If you keep getting skin infections again and again, it means your skin barrier is very weak and it has lost the ability to prevent germs entering the body through the skin holes. Use Vitamin K solutions on your skin because Vitamin K can give strength to the skin barrier that has gone weak.

7 = Some people have their by-birth tendency to secrete more sebum and this tendency leads to development of acne and later on acne scars. Vitamin K can kill the acne lesions because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and can give your skin a beautiful and shiny look.

Now I tell you all the different techniques and methods to use Vitamin K on your skin:

1 = Vitamin K Serums: They are the products that are anti-aging and have very strong anti-oxidant properties and use it on your face only after cleansing your face. First you cleanse your face and tone it and then use Vitamin K Serums on your face to remove wrinkling and pigmentation from your face.

2 = Vitamin K Creams: Add Vitamin K Creams in your skin’s refreshing routine and then see the beautiful results it exerts on your face. But it is essential to select the right cream according to your skin type so that you don’t develop any negative effects of cream on your face and body skin.

3 = Vitamin K Oils: these are the oils that are full of Vitamin K like Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Soybean Oil etc. Use these oils on your face and skin to gain Vitamin K and make your face skin smooth, shiny, wrinkles free and with no allergic reactions.

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