The sacred revenge chapter 2

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    Jasmine was returning back from school. She was in a haste because she had a feeling her grandmother wasn’t feeling great before she left for school. Probably sick. Suddenly,a great thunder striked and Jasmine thought it was about to rain and decided to increase her speed I. Walking. Xavier appeared in front of her and she screamed and almost fell down out of fear.

” Who are you?.

What do you want” Jasmin asked 

” Infact am calling the cops” jasmine said as she tried to bring her phone out of her school bag.

” OMG did I leave my phone at school or did it misplace it somewhere?” Jasmine said 

” Looking for this?” Xavier asked And jasmine opened her mouth in shock to see her cellphone in Xavier hands

” You’re a thief right? Am sure of that. That explains how my phone got to your hands. Ohh you stole it and decided to come here to give me Yourself” jasmine said

 Xavier kept a poker face, hands in his coat, as he began to advance towards jasmine.

” What are you doing?

Why are you coming closer?

Were you sent to kidnap me” jasmine asked In confusion but Xavier ignored her and place his  hands on her shoulders.

“Hmm so you see ghosts jasmine right?” Xavier asked

” How do you know my name is jasmine and how do you know I see ghosts? Jasmine asked in shock

” I just read your memory by simply placing my hands on your shoulders”Xavier replied

” What’s your name and what do you want from me?” Jasmine asked

” My name is Xavier am a demon In Hell and about to become a devil” Xavier replied

Jasmine stared at him awkwardly before bursting into Laughter.

” Wait am trying to get this straight but Why is this sounding so funny. I guess you have watched a lot of Hollywood movies for you to come here and bodly  spit nonsense out of your mouth. Please am In  a hurry. I have to go to my grandma. Jasmine said a she walked away. Xavier smiled  sheepishly and clicked his hands and a barrier presented jasmine from moving further 

” Ouch” Jasmine said she must have probably bumped into the Barrier

” I can help you stop seeing ghosts” Xavier said and Nadia paused and turned back

” You must be joking right” jasmine said

” You’ll have to perform a  Ritual  For you to stop seeing ghosts. Maybe I should do something to make you believe am not human” Xavier said

Xavier closed his eyes and clicked his hands then it began to rain heavily. But Jasmine was surprised because her uniform or hair wasn’t wet and Xavier clicked his hands and it was sunny once again.

” Did  you see that” Xavier asked as he teleported in front of jasmine

” How did you do that? Jasmine asked Im shock.

” You Took me for a joke when I told you am a demon from hell. If you want me to help to help you. You’ll have to perform the rituals” Xavier said” 

” So how do we go about this particular ritual you are talking about? ” Jasmine asked feeling interested.

Xavier smiled and clicked his hands and the road mysteriously changed to a big temple 

” Let’s go in” Xavier said and walked In and jasmine followed him without looking back

” You can’t perform the rituals without putting on the sacred cloth. Take this white gown and go and change into it” Xavier said as he flinged  the gown towards her. Jasmine darted him an angry look before standing up.

Ten minutes later……………………………………………….

” Let’s begin the rituals. Take the ritual guide. This ritual has to be successful” Xavier said

” Successfully? Aren’t I the one that’s supposed to be desperate about that or is there something you aren’t telling me? ” Jasmine asked

” If you are really desperate then no questions asked” Xavier replied 

” You have to sit in the circle but there’s no circle here” jasmine said

” Don’t worry” Xavier said as he touched the ground and a circle appeared

But if the rituals Is to stop me from seeing ghosts, why are you the one  sitting in the middle of the circle?” Jasmine asked

Xavier knew he has deceived jasmine. He felt no rumors. After all he’s a Devil and humans are just disappointedly gullible and unwise. After she’s done with the rituals. I’ll vanish then I’ll finally become a devil and she will continue to see ghosts all her life” Xavier said to himself as he smiled inwardly.

Hello”. Answer my question” jasmine said. 

” Yes am the only one that can stop you from seeing ghosts. So I’ll have to stay in the circle to ward off the ghosts forever” Xavier said

“Okay Let’s proceed” jasmine said as she closed her eyes . The rituals lasted for an hour. It was a very strenuous rituals as blood flowed From Jasmine’s nose during the course of the rituals”

” Hurray!!!. Finally” Jasmine said. She was shocked to see the Ritual book gone, the materials she used to perform the rituals were also gone, even the gown she wore was gone too and replaced by her school uniform, the temple also disappeared there was not a trace of the demon.

” What a jerk, well I don’t care about him. As long I’ll stop seeing ghosts” jasmine said as she stood up and dusted her uniform and headed for home.

” I hope am not seeing things. How did a ghost suddenly appeared to me. If that demon performed the rituals why am I seeing a ghost in front of me. She quickly took out her water bottle and poured the content on the ghost. And it disappeared. It Then dawned on Jasmine that she has been tricked by a demon and tears flowed down her eyes. Suddenly she remembered her grandma. She neglected her for some stupid rituals. Because she was so desperate to stop seeing ghost she decided to believe a fraudster and performed the rituals. The thought of it made her so angry that she ran without stopping. She got home and she was so scared because she didn’t see her grandmother in the living room.  Her grandmother was always in the living room either watching TV shows or knitting. The only time she stays in her room is to have a nap or pray to God. 

” Grandma”jasmine screamed in a panic tone

“Jasmine my angel you are here.come and give granny a hug”. Her grandma said in a weak tone as she gave a faint smile.

” Grandma am sorry I should’ve been here”. Jasmine said with tears flowing down her eyes.

” Shhhh. My dear. Granny Is Old. She can’t be here forever. Jasmine you’re a beautiful and brave girl and granny will always love you. I don’t want to leave my little superstar here but granny has to go. I have saved a lot of money that will help you throughout college. Make sure you go to college for granny and your parents. You will find it in my safe. Never blame yourself if I die. Granny has to go she’s an old woman. But you have to promise me one thing. That no matter what you will go to college and become a very successful woman everyone will look forward to meet. Promise me jasmine” her grandmother said weakly 

” No granny don’t plss.  Granny don’t leave me. I don’t have anyone. Everyone detest me only you love me so much. I promise to be very successful and we will live happily ever after. You and I granny. I’ll call the ambulance. Just hang in there for me Granny.” Jasmine said crying 

 Suddenly, she felt her grandma hands slip away from hers.

” Granny, Granny” Janine screamed in tears. It then occurred to her that her grandma was gone forever.

Jasmine fell to the floor. She had no one to run to. Everyone detest her. She only had her grandma and now she was gone forever.

” This is all that fake demon fault. He’s my biggest enemy now. I promise to find Justice for granny. I must revenge. He’s a fraudster, he tricked me . I don’t believe he’s a demon. He must be a magician. That’s why he did that rain trick on me. I feel so dumb. I’ll surely find him and exert my revenge for the sake of my granny” jasmine said angrily to herself as she cried the more.

Samuel NaomiLast Seen: Dec 27, 2023 @ 10:00am 10DecUTC

Samuel Naomi



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