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Milyin » 483753 » BLACK IS INURE

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I fell in love with black, 
It is just like the silence 
It absoluety does nothing, 
Yet explains everything 
The colour of the dark, 
Shade of an old bruise that started to mark 
What my insecurities feed on, 
How can you not see that my own shadow is haunting me on? 
I mesmerize with all that looks colorful and wavy, 
But the truth is that I am black all the time 
The very black which promises me, 
To stay all the time I needed, 
It’s where I am when I needed help, 
It’s where I’ve kept myself 
For now I am the one, 
The night sky doesn’t always need shining stars to look beautiful outside, 
But a black dress and any Jewelry makes me smile from inside 
To whoever said red is the color of romance, 
Didn’t understand fashion’s love for black 
There is nothing eternal than words, 
Black printed words. 
Prove me then, 
why they’re destined together? 
A writer and a pen? 
A pen and its Ink? 
The Black INK 
World was created from BLACK 
World shall Perish into BLACK 
BLACK is nothing 

                                        By-Hassini. K

HASSINI KLast Seen: Dec 15, 2023 @ 1:15pm 13DecUTC



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