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Anushka Ashi

4th December 2023 | 2 Views

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In this wide stretch of serenity
There are some people like me
Who can never be the one they wanna be

And just follow other’s standards for eternity.



The yellow light is proliferating in their minds,
Exactly what it did to me for some time,
It creates a fallacious illusion

Which deprives a person from coming to a conclusion.



Until these systems of injustice prevails,
It’ll always make a brave person a frail,
But the situation can be more adverse

If these individuals can’t converse.

Just to make sure that no one bothers,
They just disguise themselves in front of others,
So to escape these stuffs, I’ve found a way,

which is the message that I want to convey-

Worrying about these things doesn’t empty tomorrow,
It always empties today of its strength,joy and sorrow,
Go easy on yourself, whatever you do,

Let it be enough for you too.


Anushka Ashi



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