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Our forked tongue!


5th December 2023 | 11 Views
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Hey there! 

Look who is back again with a tendentious and arguable lines. 

Let’s start!

Remember those times when your friend promised to hang out with you but they cancelled it, and later, you came to know they were hanging out with someone else? Ouch! And, do you remember that time when someone who was damn close to you swore they wouldn’t tell your secret to anyone else? However, the whole institution knew that secret the very next day. LOL! I know the adults can relate to this one. You passed out of college and promised your rusty-trusty close friends to stay in touch. Now somewhere, either they or you are avoiding each other calls. Life!  Oh wait! I have one more, when your loved one claims that they have changed for good and will be present for you from now on. However, you realise what a stupid human you are to believe those lies. Gotcha!

Am I saying this to you, folks, or for me? Who knows? But if one person does relate to this, I am good!

You see, it’s not like I’m flawless or that I have never broken a promise. I ain’t perfect, man. No one is. At the end of the day, we are the villains in someone else’s story. That’s the truth. But, as writers, don’t we write about other people’s actions much more than ours? Hypocrite. I tell you.

Nevertheless, I did commit one of the above-mentioned sins. Please don’t tell me you didn’t. Don’t make me feel guilty now. However, after breaking a promise, I realised I couldn’t even believe anyone’s promise now. Maybe that’s the karma. You reap what you sow. Nonetheless, I do know one thing, and you should too. The most comforting thing someone can ever do for another person is to make a promise. While good people make promises, those who keep them demonstrate their goodness of character. In life, some people fulfil what they promise, while others don’t. If you break it, please don’t be too hard on yourself; instead, concentrate on becoming a better version of yourself.

I am trying, you should too!

Damn. Blabbered way too much.

Love and light, always

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