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A mark scared upon the lost

3rd December 2023 | 5 Views

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In shadows of despair, its wickedness did creep,

The mark of the beast, a secret buried deep.

A world cast aside, forsaken by light,

Humanity trapped in eternal night.

The souls tainted by a malevolent force,

Weakened by fear, shackled in remorse.

Invisible chains, jingling with dread,

As hope withers away, and innocence is shed.

Dark whispers echoed, seducing the weak,

Promising salvation, but delivering bleak.

A crimson stain upon their flesh, brand of despair,

No longer human, condemned to nightmare.

A mark, scarred upon the lost and forlorn,

A constant reminder of the evil they adorn.

Cast away from love, from peace, and from grace,

Bound to the depths, lost in this maddening chase.

Families shattered, torn apart by this curse,

Each day a battle, a never-ending traverse.

Wrenched from the bosom of tender embrace,

Left alone to wander, in anguish and disgrace.

Tears, like rivers, flowed from haunted eyes,

Their sorrows indiscriminate, their cries unwise.

A world once vibrant, now a desolate space,

Haunted by demons, lost in this heartless chase.

Oh, the mark of the beast, a symbol of blight,

A scar that eternally darkens the light.

As the world weeps for those who have fallen,

The mark of the beast, a story never forgotten.

Crystal Deanne



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