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Threads of longing

3rd December 2023 | 6 Views

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Threads of longing 

In the woven threads of destiny’s grand design, Does it mar the fabric, this longing of mine?

For whispers of fate, so softly they speak, Of a soul that is thine, which mine does seek.

In life’s twisted maze, where justice is blind, I wandered in ignorance, with naught to find.

 Yet now I see, though thou art another’s embrace, My heart to thee, unwavering, does race.

In this confession, a sorrowful tune, Life’s cruel jest, that fairness is immune.

No guise shall I don, no untruths to weave, For thou art the dawn, and for thee, I grieve.

In my world’s gallery, amidst the divine, Thou art the magnum opus, forever mine.

Is it a sin, this truth I hold inside? To love thee, with all else cast aside?To exalt thee ‘bove the throng, with flaws in sight, Yet in those scars, I see the artist’s might.

 For if life bore no mark, would beauty truly be? The peacock’s pride, unchallenged, would we see?

None are without fault, yet together we soar, In our souls’ meeting, a rapturous encore.

 A symphony of souls, in understanding we dive, In this shared bliss, we truly come alive.

Is it sin to adore, to worship thee so? To place thee high, where heart’s deepest feelings flow?

If sin it is, to love thee, humanly cast, Then let us be sinners, in joy unsurpassed.

For in our imperfect song, our hearts entwine, In this sweet sin, our harmonious design.

Ayomide David



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