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Phoenix Hearts, ablaze with fire,
Burning bright, never to tire.
From ashes they rise, reborn anew,
A testament to strength, tried and true.
In the depths of darkness, they find their light,
Igniting hope, banishing the night.
With every beat, a rhythm of resilience,
Defying odds, with unwavering brilliance.
They soar above, with wings unfurled,
Conquering challenges, reshaping the world.
Through trials and tribulations, they learn,
To embrace the flames, and let them burn.
Each scar a symbol of their strength,
A testament to their journey’s length.
With every step, they rise higher,
Fueled by passion, fueled by desire.
Their hearts, once broken, now renewed,
A testament to the battles they’ve subdued.
In the face of adversity, they stand tall,
Fearless warriors, they conquer all.
Phoenix Hearts, forever bold,
Their stories of rebirth, forever told.
In the language of resilience, they speak,
A language of triumph, strong and unique.
So let us celebrate these hearts of fire,
Their journey of rebirth, their souls inspire.
For in their flames, we find our own,
A reminder that we are never alone.
PARAMITA DASLast Seen: Dec 13, 2023 @ 3:24pm 15DecUTC




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