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How to persuade others

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How to persuade others

Six general guidelines will help you convince someone to agree with your suggestion:


1. Reciprocity: the ancient biblical precept of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Put into action: give something away if you want to get anything. It’s crucial to offer something initially and in the proper order. Next, make your request known.


2. Authority: We often heed the counsel of professionals. A doctor with a white coat and degrees hanging on the wall has our greater trust. Take action: learn what the “white coat” is in your field of expertise.

3. Consistency: People who exhibit consistency in both their speech and actions are admired by us. Put into action: concentrate on a single message. Stay away from every trend. People will remember you if you are the constant one.

4. Agreement: we are herd animals. We walk in the footsteps of others. We refer to this as “social proof.” Put it into execution: reveal how to do something to get someone to do it for you.

5. Scarcity: Everyone desires unique things and fears losing what they already possess. Take action: highlighting the advantages of your offer may not be sufficient; you also need to highlight the consequences of inaction. This is true when people encounter change as well: they are typically afraid of what they could lose. Telling them what they stand to lose by staying put is a wise decision.

6. Perhaps the most universal concept is liking: People are more likely to say yes to those they like. Who/Whom do we like, though? Researchers have identified three reasons for this: we like people who work well with us and according to our likings, we like people who are similar to us in nature as well as behaviour, and we prefer people who complement us.
















Gyanendra PandeyLast Seen: Dec 10, 2023 @ 10:23pm 22DecUTC

Gyanendra Pandey



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