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Those happy days …

30th November 2023 | 3 Views

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Life is very unpredictable. You never know what’s gonna happen next . Let me tell you a story of a small child who use to be very happy once a time . This story is mine ,Hi !! For now know me as a fun loving person.. when I started my life it was quite happening because I was unaware of this toxic world …. I miss those days when we were so careless about anything I wish I could relieve those days again those summery day’s with full of laughter and joy… When a holiday used to make us happy or 2 chocolate from a friend’s birthday use to bring a big fat smile on our face…. For me happiness was watching shinchan after my tuition classes used to get cancel 😂 or my mommy forgetting to give me milk or fruits for the day….. Or an unplanned trip with parents…I know you all got flashbacks of many thing all of a sudden … Hehe !! 

We also had quite good friends in past who actually use to care for us .. Atleast they were not fake .. happiness was real . Enthusiasm and energy was real . Their concern or care was real don’t know about you all but atleast in my case I had one my homie ….❤️ 

But wait let’s come to reality are we the same person that we were .. . Not in my case atleast I think with time I also lost my charm I laugh but not with same joy sometimes I just fake it … I still remember once a time i was the most extroverted person my friends would know but now I avoid people don’t now why but try to escape the conversation or avoid. . I am not complaining here just expressing what I am observing these days the toxicity, the fakeness … Or the plotting that people do …just making you realise that you are pathetic , hopeless , looser always discouraging you and moreover if not then obviously body shaming …. 

Their is a saying which my papa always says.. if you have taken birth alone then you will die also alone . Just trying to implement this in my life …. learning again to shine ….. Trying to learn to give some savage comebacks to some snakes 😂.. I might sound rude here but oh please!! Some actually need .. Don’t you all agree with me on this … because after all at the end what matters is . Is  I am happy or affected by these nonsense ?…. Trying to gather  that spirit again who use to create a joyous environment within a minute…

In this world there are some good people too i actually respect all those who are so genuine and so innocent for this toxicity just want to protect them at any cost … I too had some … I really appreciate them and don’t regret spending or wasting any time with them … A big hug and thanks to them …and a big sorry to all the snakes … Can’t help by ya !! You all deserve to be  called as snakes ….

simran pandit



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