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29th November 2023 | 3 Views

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Words. They’re so powerful. They can make you go to cloud nine and also make you want to hurt yourself.

The impact of words on us is remarkably high. They somehow get into your mind and control your thoughts.

Let’s say that this person ‘A’ is bullied at school. They are called some not so nice things and they put up with it in school. They don’t react, because that’s what everyone asked them to do.

But, once A gets home and is all alone, all the words come trickling back. After repeatedly hearing those words, A actually starts to believe that it’s true.

When you believe these words, you go into a pool of negative thoughts. More than what people said about you or to you, you start thinking worse things. You start punishing yourself.

That’s exactly what A did. A started to believe what their classmates said and started to become more and more negative.

A wanted to become another person, a perfect person without flaws, any person other than themself. What do they do? A induces self harm.

All this, because of one or two words that were said to A constantly. It made A want to punish themself and thought something was wrong with them and not the others.

If people around A had just shut up, everyone would be living in peace.

Trust me, I’m no exception. I’ve known this all along, that words can bring life or death and I, chose death. I gossiped and made fun of people to their faces and said words that can definitely hurt them. You know why? It made me cool.

This is our society’s definition of cool. Being mean, being rude. If you say things that can shatter people’s hearts and souls then bam. You’re cool.

The usage of the word slut. One thing that’s always made me want to question the integrity of our society. So apparently the word means, “disgrace to women” and “a woman who indulges in casual love making”. So now people have a problem with that.

It’s a very harsh word and definitely should not be used against someone. It’s just used casually in sentences like it’s no big deal.

One more thing about the word is that, when a guy does it, he’s a ‘baller’ which is supposedly a very ‘cool’ thing to be.

Not only men, women also call others one. If we don’t unite, who will?

Let everyone live. Let a women do what she pleases. Please don’t brand anyone with words, because it hurts.

It slowly gets to you. That’s how powerful words are. Please stop calling people mean things and use the power of words in a positive way.

Compliment someone. Make them smile. Just like you’re not going to lose anything being mean, you won’t lose anything being nice either.




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