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Poem: The Enchanter

Neelaa ChandranLast Seen: Mar 19, 2024 @ 6:46am 6MarUTC
Neelaa Chandran

5th December 2023 | 15 Views
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With the agony of loneliness,
In a misty evening…
The doleful lady strolled down the garden.

There she walked with downcasted eyes and a wan look
Brooding over her scarred face from a malady.

She had a vision..
An Enchanter….

A handsome soul with elegant looks,
attractive high forehead,
sparkling eyes and shiny hair
advanced towards her with a beaming smile.

The air was perfumed with a heavenly fragrance.

She was enchanted by his magical spell.
She took hold of his arms stretched towards her,
Together they entered the enchanted world.

They flew through the clouds, sat on moon,
danced in the sky, flew over the waterfalls, grasslands and sea.

Eventually, she found herself in her garden.
The Enchanter was nowhere to be seen……

Taken aback by her encounter, she sat near the fountain,
glimpsed through her reflection….

She spotted a beautiful lady as her reflection,
A gentle breeze caressed her face,

Yes… it had the same heavenly fragrance

Neelaa ChandranLast Seen: Mar 19, 2024 @ 6:46am 6MarUTC

Neelaa Chandran




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