Pay Per View Video Hosting Platforms

Pay-Per-View Video Hosting Platforms

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Pay Per View is a great way to make revenue from your video content. Since PPV lets you set the pricing as per your preferences, it has a slight edge over other monetization methods. This also makes it the preferred method for businesses that can provide exclusive and premium content worth tagging for individual pricing.

Let’s get to know various platforms that offer you the PPV revenue model so you can generate more money.

10 Best Pay Per View Video Hosting Platforms For Businesses

While exploring these PPV platforms, remember that an ideal platform should fulfill your expectations for your desired features. It should fit your budget so that you can afford it every month effortlessly. Also, look for the security layers, as security keeps your content and information safe online.

Let’s have a look!


Gudsho (1)

GUDSHO allows businesses to monetize their video content using PPV. You can set your prices for each video content categorized under PPV and earn accordingly. Additionally, GUDSHO lets you monetize via other revenue options, including SVOD and AVOD. Fans can also contribute to their favorite content producers, as GUDSHO provides functionality to donate.


  • Pay-per-view Live Events & On-demand videos
  • Unlimited Video Hosting.
  • 5+ Monetization Models
  • AES and SSL security to keep your data safe.
  • Video CMS to let you manage everything in one place
  • CDN-based streaming for faster content delivery
  • Live streaming that connects your audience worldwide

#2 VPlayed


VPlayed offers development options for your OTT platform, where you can have as many revenue models as you want, including PPV. They let you decide which security options, features, and other functions you want in your platform. The white-label feature enables you to brand your video player to gain more exposure on every single stream.


  • 7+ revenue options such as PPV, SVOD, AVOD, etc.
  • Lifetime ownership of your OTT platform
  • AES, SSL, DRM, and other desired security standards
  • Video marketing tools to make your videos growth-driven
  • HTML 5 player for a smooth streaming experience

#3 Castr


Use Castr for your business and monetize your videos using pay-per-view video hosting. With PPV, you can give your audience access to premium and exclusive content. Your audience can then choose the content they wish to stream by paying for it separately. Powered by CDNs like Akamai and Fastly, Castr lets your viewers stream the content instantly, enhancing their viewing experience.


  • 3 revenue streams: PPV, SVOD, and AVOD
  • Multistream to feature your live streams on different platforms at once
  • Launch OTT apps and let more audience engage
  • Convert live streams to VOD that your viewers can watch anytime
  • Analytics to track the reach of your videos

#4 Callaba


With Callaba, you can monetize live streams and on-demand videos using PPV. Your viewers can pay for and watch a specific video within the given time. The platform presents an ad-free and clean interface for all your streams. It also lets you keep 100% of your earnings, so you don’t have to share commissions.


  • PPV revenue stream to keep 100% of your earnings
  • Stream for conferences, online shopping, e-sports, and more 
  • Stream your videos to multiple platforms at once
  • Continue streaming that goes on 24/7
  • API to let you add videos to any of the apps and websites

#5 Dacast

Dacast (1)

With Dacast, businesses can monetize their live streams and on-demand videos; monetization can be done using PPV, subscriptions, and advertisements. The platform also provides video marketing tools to make your business reach the right audience; APIs, SDK, and white-label videos are some of the best tools to increase your brand’s exposure.


  • 3 monetization options to increase your earnings
  • Advanced analytics to provide in-depth insights into your videos
  • Live streaming and VOD to avail both kinds of content to your audience
  • Options to add CTAs, embedding, subtitles, etc.
  • Secure bulk video upload to save time and effort

#6 JW Player


This one lets businesses earn through PPV as well as subscriptions. You can provide an extensive content library and offer it to your viewers for recurring payments. You can also arrange your exclusive content under PPV and earn from a blend of PPV and subscriptions.


  • High level of protection with DRM and geo-blocking
  • Monetization using PPV and subscriptions
  • You can launch your application to connect more viewers
  • White-label platform to put your logo, banner, and other branding
  • Works for categories like Sports, Religion, and News

#7 Streamingvideoprovider

Streaming Video Provider

Streamingvideoprovider lets you monetize your videos using PPV, subscriptions, and creating tickets. The platform is perfect for anyone wanting to sell event tickets, teach online, or set up a streaming website; you get 100% of your income here. With PPV, you can set the desired price, choose your preferred payment gateway, and let viewers stream in high quality.


  • 4+ methods to monetize videos and make revenue
  • Stream to as many sites as you want using the multistream option
  • Live video scheduler to let your viewers stream pre-recorded videos
  • Multi-bitrate global CDN for faster delivery of your videos
  • Military-grade security algorithms for utmost security

#8 Kaltura


Kaltura is perfect for businesses involved in online tutoring and conducting webinars, virtual events, conferences, employee communication, and more. The platform lets you utilize revenue streams, such as SVOD, TVOD, and AVOD; businesses and creators can use one or blend more than one of these methods.


  • Monetize using subscriptions, advertisements, and rentals
  • Learning management system for online tutoring
  • Suitable for conferences, webinars, and virtual communications
  • Tools and APIs to modify your media as per your preferences
  • Easy integrations with the platforms you already use

#9 Vimeo

Vimeo (1)

Vimeo facilitates a platform for every business size to host videos and stream live. The platform offers ad-free streaming to your audience, keeping the entire interface tidy. Here, businesses can monetize using subscriptions or letting viewers rent or purchase their favorite video content.


  • Brand your videos and increase exposure
  • Automation for optimizing your videos for SEO
  • Video quality includes 4k, 8k HDR, and Dolby Vision 
  • AI-powered editing to repurpose your videos
  • Password-protected videos for advanced security

#10 Uscreen

Uscreen (1)

Uscreen gives your viewers a Netflix-like experience that motivates them to engage more. You can go live anytime; your audience can connect using any device. The platform features multiple revenue options, including SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and more.


  • Personalized calendars to keep your audience excited about upcoming content
  • Community to exchange chats and posts and make connections
  • Custom mobile, web, and TV apps to keep it fully branded
  • Marketing automation tool to generate leads effectively
  • Analytic to gain insights into how your videos perform


If you, as a business, can provide exclusive content regularly, then you should consider PPV. Instead of putting all your content under subscription, utilize PPV for content such as live sports match sessions, live concerts, exclusive movie clips or interviews, and other such content. So select an ideal PPV platform now, set your paywall, and start generating revenue!

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Vignesh BLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 9:37am 9AprUTC

Vignesh B



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