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A dream come true

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Ajla Alija

28th November 2023 | 11 Views

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So there was a girl named Aiden. Aiden goes to school and she’s the most greates student in her class she really loves school especially the 9th grade that she was in. Her family was happy but poor. Anyway she had a guy best friend named Timmy that was really rich. This is kind of cringe because we never heard about a rich guy and a poor girl being friends but in this story it happens. You will see them everywhere being together. In their group was another girl named Isla. She was a very big part of this group too.  All of them together were really close friends. They made a great group of three. So as great friends they tell each other everything like everything. But was one thing that Aiden did tell the other two. For 1 week straight she sees the same dream. But her dream was kind of weird imagination so she thought that it will be better if she didn’t tell anyone. Her dream started with her best friends going on another planet. They will build a new spaceship from Timmy’s dad’s car. After they build it they tried to figure out how to make it work. After they did that too you will see them in another planet that no one no where it is. It is not in Mars or Jupiter or Saturn or any of the planets that we know. It is different. The crazy part was that they  start their trip from the moon and not from the earth. After they just land in the planet they start searching for something but Aiden don’t know what was that thing in her dream. But she knows that they really really tried to find that thing. After a big search they still didn’t find it. And when Isla comes to Aiden and tell her that is impossible to find Aiden wakes up. And she will see that dream every night in that week straight. Sometimes Aiden with make fun of herself having that weird imagination of a child. But anyways she was so curious about that thing that they didn’t find in her dream. The time that we’re talking is about the end of the school. All of the three friends will end the school with good grades but they have no activities  what to do in the summer. When they were just sitting and having lunch in the day when the school ends Aiden thought there will be a great time to tell her crazy dream. So she start telling it and when was it in the middle of her dream Isla interrupted her. Isla thought that she found the summer activity:Why can’t we really build that rocket ship,- she says.

-You’re  crazy,-said Timmy. But in fact he was thinking kind off the same thing.This thing got into  their mind really bad. And because there were so brave and like challenges they accept in their mind that will make Aiden dream comes true. Without forgetting the fact that being in 2030 to make the dream come true it was so easy. So here they started. First they ask they parents for permission and after hours of asking they finally  gave them permission to do it. And Timmy’s dad gave them the car too. All of them collect money by selling lemonades and with the money that they make they buy stuff to build the rocket Timmy’s dad gave them money too.And all the parents were so supportive. After they start building it they found out that it was really harder than they thought. Even it was hard the trio never give up. Too many things to buy to many things to do but with the spirit of their parents too they  manage to do it. After that, exactly like the dream they was trying to figure out how it worked and was kind of easy for them because they have read a lot of books about  spaceships. For only a week all of them have learn how to get that thing out of the earth. But anyways there were a little bit scared. Like it’s not that easy to go away from the earth the place that you’ve been there for many  years surviving with other people that maybe you like or maybe you don’t maybe you love or maybe you’re still don’t. More than scared they were confused too. The fact that they are making a dream come true is so crazy for them. But the real questions are. Will they be able to get that rocket ship out from earth? Will they go to the moon and then find the other planet? And the most important will they find the mysterious thing that they are searching in Aiden dream?. Day passing by and none of them tried to just motivate each other  to get in that thing and out of earth. When they were hanging out Timmy has an idea. He tells his friends to start their adventure after one week. And this week that they’re waiting they will stay with their family and say they goodbyes even if they never will come back. After the parents listen to these things they thought that they shouldn’t leave their kids go. But anyways they believe in their own child.( What   crazy parents?!!). That week was moving so fast. In that week the group of three were making all the things ready for the big day. And Timmy dad also got a professional astronaut named Nick to be with them in their trip. When the astronaut saw the rock ship that they made he was so impressed of their talent. He couldn’t believe his eyes. So he says that he will help and protect these children even if it will cost his life.


By the end of the week everything was ready: food drinks stuff like that all the things that they needed. The only thing that is missing was a name for their group. Thinking and thinking for a long time they finally came up with an idea to call their group: DreamerS. Nick also like it they parents also like it everyone likes it and it really fits them.


The the day has come…

Is they call it the big big day when a dream comes true hopefully. Here they are hugging their parents and their other friends dressing like real astronauts with the beautiful amazing costumes and get in that rocket ship with the professional astronaut too. The astronaut set the rocket ship on. The way that it works was really crazy. It wasn’t like other rocket ship let me say it was pretty different but it was useful. It was shaped like a car but not exactly like a car it was red and from  the inside it looks exactly like a rocket ship. Everyone was in and in three, two, one they see their self leaving their own planet. Leaving that place leaving their home leaving their family leaving their friends and who knows maybe they will never see them again maybe they w will be stuck there in the space forever and will not see the or touch  their own land touch the grass touch the water or anything like that. With the happiness on their face the excitement on their brain and scared in their heart they are now leaving. The first destination was the moon exactly like the dream that Aiden saw. So there were going towards the moon. The space was really quiet.

No space rocks not things like that. They didn’t know how the time passed by but the only thing they saw was their self landing in the moon. The craziest thing of all. When they just learn they got out with their beautiful astronaut costumes all in white having those red and green buttons all around in the back having an a pump filled with oxygen for them to breathe, because there is no air in space.  The first thing they did after they got out it took some pictures for their social media of course. Aiden said that   they are doing everything  exactly like her dream. While the DreamerS were having fun around   Nick  took from his pocket a pair of electronic glasses so he can see and zoom in the space that they were surrounded by to see for the planet that was in Aiden dream. And sadly he couldn’t believe his eyes what he saw. Nick saw a green small planet that he never saw it in his entire life.  He hurried up to call the DreamerS to see what he saw. Wow, the first person that couldn’t believe her own eyes was Aiden. It was crazy how it was exactly exactly like Aiden saw it in her dream. Nick was thinking that he was crazy he has been in the space for years but never ever have seen that planet and he don’t know how.

.                                              ……………..

They couldn’t wait more they just got in the rocket ship and said Nick to hurry up and just go in the planet they just saw. Getting in the red big  spaceship they’re flying towards the planet and they haven’t been so  excited in their entire life. Right now the space wasn’t that quiet a big space rock was coming towards them. In this moment they were scared to death. But  luckily Nick manage to to turn the spaceship and don’t crush it with the rock. All of them were so happy and now they were safe and clear too because from now on the space was quiet.


Only few minutes may have passed and they see their self again getting out of the rocket ship and putting their feet on the ground of a mysterious planet. As we know now the planet was small

I mean smaller than the earth but bigger than Pluto planet, was green and all around you can just see green sand, in some places you may seem some big rocks that looks exactly like crystals because they were crystals. Now the DreamerS were surrounded by too many crystals and diamonds that may cost millions. They were so amazed but they still have their mind in the thing that Aiden was searching in her dream. So that’s what they did, they all started to search. Isla thought that maybe the thing may be one of those crystals but Aiden wasn’t so sure. After seconds, minutes or maybe hours Timmy saw something different. It was placed like other crystals but it doesn’t look like a crystal. It looks like a normal bottle. He immediately call the others. And they all were looking at the bottle and they saw that the inside of the bottle was a paper. All of them tried to take it out of the land that it was put in, but for their luck it was hard. Then Nick run into the rocket to find something to help break the bottle. Thankfully he found a hammer and of course he run to use it. After he broke the bottle he took out the paper and for their surprise it was something written in English. The paper was addressed for Aiden. So was her who start reading it out loud. Should took a big breath and then she start reading. In the paper was written:::

 “Aiden you and your friends are the chosen one To help our planet from the enemies that this planet have. If you’re reading right now it means that you have taken our message, as you can see all around you are too many crystals that costs to  much and you can imagine that everyone wants this planet. But they have forgotten that in this planet someone lives, we live . For now we are hiding in some magic buildings that no one can see them because we are scared that the enemies will attack us in every help. To unlock the magic building you need to use the magic code: we love crystals……Please help……

We need to save them!!!!! And we are starting now,-Aiden said. They all agreed in these words and in fact they were all ready. In their rocket ship they had all the things that they needed, all the safety equipment even guns. By the way Nick has put the last one inside. When they thought they were ready they did what they needed to do unlock the invisible buildings. We love crystals,- said them at the same time and after that magically all the buildings appeared. DreamerS were so surprised abot all that thing that they had before they eyes.. A whole city in an another dimension was there. But this happiness didn’t last for to long because they needed to get in fast to be safe. The friendly aliens even help them to put their spaceship in the city. The aliens explained all the problem again as mentioned that the enemies were so strong….. They can use magic as well. But the aliens mentioned taht is one thing that they didn’t have …… The strongest weapon in history that was made by Crystals and the aliens of crystal planet had called it: cryshen709.. so even though they have created by themselves they cannot use it because they are so small. And that was the main reason why they keep coming to Aiden dream for help. After the dreamers listened the immediately asked to see the weapon. And one of the most smartest of the alien named rocky send them to some great crystal tunnels to see the weapon. It was really big shaped like a gun with crystals all around in color green red and blue. They gave it to Aiden and told her how to use it after she learning she was so ready and confident that can do anything with.

                                                ……….. . ……….

The dreamers stayed in the city for about two days and made a good plan for the war that was about to happened and after two days they started to see new spaceships running around and they knew that they were the enemies. The open up the port for the real dimension and starting to find their places to hide. They were hided so good  and then there is thing before their eyes some creepy disgusting creatures all dressed in red landing in the planet and start destroying it. Rocky gave the signal do the others to come out and start fighting. That what they were doing they were starting a great fight with the enemies. Only Aiden holding the gun didn’t come out because that’s how the plan was made. When the crystal “military” was going down and two off were dead it was the perfect time for Aiden  to come out. When they came out and the enemies her they were running towards Aiden to kill her. She starts running but they were faster than her and they knocked her down and she lost control…But immediately she got up and start run as fast as she could to  get on top of a crystal and then should start shooting all the enemies. And she was doing great… For two minutes or three all the enemies were down and them how survived start getting in their spaceships and running away forever.. The crystal planet were never so happy they were say thank you to the dreamers especially Aiden. The DreamerS were so proud for themselves and start hugging each others as hard as they could


The DreamerS stayed there all night and the day after was the day that they should go to their homes. The aliens gave to many gifts that were made by crystals to thank them and the DreamerS were so thankful too. After they put all the gifts in the spaceship they start they going down to their planet 🌎 earth happier than ever.


They arrived safely home and when they told their parents about everything and gave them the gifts the parents were so  proud. Good thanks were given to Nick to and he also got a 🏅 medal from NASA for he’s great work. For the DreamerS that summer was the greatest summer that they could even imagine. And they always will say that the need to go back in the planet of crystal again.


                                        The end

Ajla AlijaLast Seen: Apr 4, 2024 @ 8:54am 8AprUTC

Ajla Alija



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