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Is it just ME!

Gia MarisaLast Seen: Jan 27, 2024 @ 5:07pm 17JanUTC
Gia Marisa

1st December 2023 | 114 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This is the first poem I wrote. In this poem, I'm figuring out who I am amidst others' judgments. I wonder if I should listen to them or just be me. Ultimately, I choose to stay true to myself, staying hopeful along the way.

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Is it just me or is everything black and white?

Should I stay back and fight

For all the colors in my life,

Or should I listen to the liars?

The liars who are biased and will bring me down,

Down to the ground till I don’t know who I am anymore.




Who am I if I listen to them?

Who am I if they christen me?

Who am I if the beast in me is hiding? 

Am I just a naive little girl waiting to be someone someday,

Waiting to be loved one day?




Am I shunned from the world of love?

Am I drugged by the world of hate?

Is it just my fate, or is it my faith?




I await the time,

The time I shall be known,

Known to the world of love.

I shall know who I am, and I shall be ready.

I will rise and live life knowing who I am.


Gia Marisa Gijo



Gia MarisaLast Seen: Jan 27, 2024 @ 5:07pm 17JanUTC

Gia Marisa



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