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Why is Life So Complicated for You

27th November 2023 | 11 Views

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This article will guide you through the reasons why life feels so complicated and what you can do to simplify your life.

1. Focusing on more complex things than simple solutions

It’s human nature to think about the worst-case scenarios when life shifts in the opposite direction, but staying calm and trying to find a positive outlook on the situation helps us handle changes better.

The Complexity Bias is the complexity of neglecting the 90% of simple solutions and focusing more on the 10% of the hard stuff, whenever we deal with an overwhelming situation.

So, the next time you face a situation like that, remember to pause and ask yourself, “What could be the simple approach I can use this time?”

Maybe making a list including all the pros and cons isn’t a bad idea after all.

2. Overthinking and worrying

Have you ever found a solution by overthinking and constantly worrying about the things you can’t handle?

I’m assuming it’s a no.

Overthinking kills your happiness and joy.

It only makes things more complicated.

Overthinking and worrying often lead to negative effects such as more self-doubt, an impact on your sleep and even dietlow self-esteem, and even affecting your relationships.

There are certain strategies that you can focus on, to use your energy in a more constructive way, which include:

  • Meditation
  • Maintaining a Journal
  • Talking to friends or family
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Dancing
  • Or even intensive workout sessions

3. Neglecting self-care

Another factor that makes you feel that your life is so complicated is when you choose to ignore your physical and mental health.

Not focusing on self-care can have negative consequences on your health which include feeling burnoutsleep disturbances, feeling tired all the time, low self-esteem, and reduced motivation.

Self-care doesn’t always mean taking bubble baths and warm showers or treating yourself with your favorite food, or all those aesthetic self care strategies.

It also means making an effort to exercise or going for a walk each day to take care of your body.

Spending time with your friends and family.

Taking time to learn something each day.

Prioritizing yourself and focusing on your hobbies.

4. Believing in busy-ness

Throughout my college years, I used to think that the more busy and occupied I will be, the better I will get to focus on things and eliminate unnecessary distractions.

Like every other person in their early 20s, I used to believe that to be successful, you need to work harder and get more things done and constantly look for bigger things to do.

Eventually, I came to realize that all of this was only making me feel exhausted and if I didn’t do anything “productive” in my day, I would feel so empty and dissatisfied.

It’s important to understand that some days are for resting.

You can’t immerse yourself in your work to escape the reality of life. The more you try to neglect it, the more it will come back to you.

5. Seeking external validation

When you constantly seek approval from others, your life gets so complicated. It not only lowers your confidence and self-worth but also makes you dependent on others.

Your life will always be complicated if your happiness depends on another person’s happiness.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t seek help when required. That would be a difficult thing to do, and will also hinder your growth.

What I mean is to pause and find inspiration and needs within yourself.

Do what makes you feel valued and believe in yourself and the choices you make.  

Your happiness does not have to come from others but from within you.

What’s stopping you from simplifying your life?

You will always have challenges in your life, but it is important to keep things simple and use this approach to handle situations in your life, and change the perspective from “Why is life so complicated?” to “What can I do to make it better?”

Focus on the things that truly matter, and don’t forget to take some time out for yourself.

And lastly, hold yourself accountable for your choices, and especially for your happiness.

Stuti Singh



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