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Do not Compromise-You Need the Most

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Sukarma Thareja

24th November 2023 | 12 Views
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I was teaching in government school. In co -curricular activity class student wanted me to discuss about #perfect life. I asked same questions to  my students. They came up with several different answers.

I narrated one simple incidence of my life to my students.

I met a distant relative Geeta in one of the family functions. She was a year or two younger to me.We were talking for a long time about #dynamics of life Geeta said, “Sister your life is perfect. You earn. You have your in-laws to support you. You are elder to me and your daughter is five Years old. You established your #career before being a mother. My son is 10 years old but my in-laws and husband are not in #favour – me going for job.”

I told Geeta, “I have a job because I want to have one. If my in-laws weren’t willing to take care of my daughter then I would have #hired good help and would have tried my best that my family runs smoothly when I am having responsibilities at work front. If my in-laws or husband would have asked me to stay back at home, I would have looked for an alternate solution like working from home but I am not in favour of me doing domestic front work only. .People may call me selfish.  I do not mind this comment”.

I took a deep #breath and continued with my conversation with Geeta, “job or money may not be a #happiness for everyone but for me, it is something which give me #positivity in life. I am sure, it’s a happiness for you as well.” Geeta nodded a yes.

Finally, with great courage, I told the truth, to dear Geeta“ For me there is nothing wrong if  sometimes  I keep myself  at a #priority”.  I said” Geeta I am selfish and happy. In my opinion one does a lot of things for others (ones kids, in-laws, husband) but in that exercise one may be unhappy. People in the family consider you(Geeta) a #homely girl and you take that as a #compliment and feel a sense of pride. I don’t like such complements for me. I believe in making work life #balance.”

Secret of perfect life is how one set out the #priorities of one’s life.

I said“Geeta I wanted to have a career and I have that today. This is something that I have dreamt to have from a very young age. I have built my career very carefully for the last many years.  This journey consists of hard work, appreciations, #smiles, learnings, insults, tears, and #warnings.”

We all dream to live a beautiful life but we can’t have it all the time as  we have to choose. Question is choose what?. Answer is to sometimes choose our happiness, over others.

Moral of Story-No one can lead a #perfect life. We have to compromise on something, somewhere. You just need to ensure that you don’t #compromise on something that you #need the most.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986



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