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The Wish…

23rd November 2023 | 1 Views

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 Ah, that delicious plate of home-cooked food! That spicy smell of chillies, that intense aroma of the preparation! Our thinker’s chain of thought was interrupted by a customer wearing high-class clothes.

“How much for that one?” He asked with a stern look, pointing towards a colourful poster.

“10 rupees,” replied the child

“I’ll take two of these posters for 10 rupees” 

“Sir, please, I don’t have enough to eat. Give 15 rupees, please, sir”

The customer made an angry face. That expression was enough to make Ayan understand. He didn’t say a single word afterwards, just took the money from the customer’s hand, and handed him two Nagpanchmi posters. 

Ayan’s stomach growled as he hadn’t eaten anything since morning. If only the flood hadn’t separated him from his family, he would have been eating the fancy ice-creams and brownies he had always longed for.

He had found a bag of new posters while searching for food in the bins. He had been selling these posters for about a week now, but he had only been able to gather 50 rupees till now. Each day, he used to buy a packet of biscuits worth 10 rupees and made it last till nightfall. One packet certainly wasn’t enough for a boy of 8, so he decided to not let customers haggle for price. This strategy of his didn’t work, because his customers were experts at bargaining and he was just a little boy with no experience of business.

His makeshift business was declining, and he needed to earn enough money to take a boat to the other side, and reach the place where is house once stood. An idea struck his head- He decided to draw and paint more details into the posters. He borrowed some paints from the kind stationery owner next door, and started to bring his artistic skills to life. 

Much to his surprise, his business began to flourish! He earned enough money to buy the fancy ice-cream and delicious biscuits. He was overjoyed, as his hardwork and struggle had finally paid off. 

He took a boat to the other side of the river, and stared at the ruins of his home. Just then, he heard a faint voice from the backside of the structure, his mother and father! He hugged them and was happy to see the rescue team coming from the other side.

Kartik Trivedi



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