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Being strong was the only option

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Deep down in Southern Africa lived a girl who’s name was Hope.She was coming from a family of four siblings, she lived with them and her mother and father. She was very beautiful , with smiling eyes, white teeth and a girl full of life. She was one of the best students in her class .A very clever and intelligent girl .She had a dream that  one day she will bring hope to her mother, whose life was just a sacrifice for them to grow and become better people in life and free her from the clowns of  a selfish drunkard and an abusive father , who was an alcoholic.Life was so unjust to this little girl and her siblings , after school she would take a cooler box with flavoured ice and went to sit by the industrial sites to sell her ice so that she makes a little money to help her mother at home, on the other hand her other sibling Jane would be selling biscuits in her school , one of the days as she was coming from stocking her biscuits from the industries a man was following her attempting to abuse her sexualy    , he was holding her hand charging like a Rhino that wants to attack some one , by luck and the grace of God someone came through and the man let go of her hand , that is when she managed to run to that stranger like a spring bok that just escaped a lion  , the economy of their country started deteriorating to an extent where by there was no food , Jane after completing her secondary school she had to look for greener pastures so she’s able to support her siblings, in ones life someone was forced to become an adult at the age of 16yrs , the journey to the neighbouring country was horrific , she become a boarder jumper and they were forced to cross a flooded river, crossing it holding hands ,naked with strangers, a very terrible experience she encountered , with great rumours saying the river swallowed a lot of people , some where washed away by it , some where eaten by crocodiles, it left a lot of children as  orphans while parents  were dreaming of improving their life’s .Staying in that country as an illegal immigrant was one he’ll of a life , any sign of the police she would run to an extent of leaving her shoes where she  was standing, life improved for her siblings as she was sending something back home .She became the Pillar of her family, and no mater the obstacles she endured to improve the life’s of her siblings and family, on the other hand despite the obstacles Hope never stopped on being the best version of her self, she was selected to be a prefect in her class, won merit awards , she did well in her studies , and she was smoother than suede tougher than leather at the same time.Jane managed to get a working permit that made her life a lot bearable.

Priscar NgwereLast Seen: Nov 25, 2023 @ 10:19pm 22NovUTC

Priscar Ngwere



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