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Never Ever Judge a Person. A Fictional Story by RONG

30th November 2023 | 58 Views

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Once Upon a time many years ago in a small village, there lived a couple. A couple with unconditional love towards each other. The husband used to work on a daily basis and he used to give all the hard-earned money to his beloved wife. The wife used to do all the work in their home and cook for his husband. 

The wife and husband are living their life happily they used to talk to each other and roam their village streets. they are like the best and most beautiful Couple in their village. The husband is a very honest person and he used to help their neighbors whenever they were in trouble. He used to help poor people even though he did not have enough money. He earned all the respect and love of their neighbors and the people of his village.

The couple is always devoted to their Hindu gods, They celebrate all the festivals of their gods. They loved to go to temples and feed poor people in those temples. They wished and prayed to their gods for beautiful kids. 

All of a sudden one day the husband died in an accident. The woman has no clue what happened in her life, she cries like there is no hope for her without her husband. She loved him like he was the only person she was living for. Unfortunately, she felt the world had stopped. She has no reason to live in this world. She went into depression, horrified, cried, and shouted towards her beloved gods why did you take him away from me? I have no one in this world except him.

After many days the woman got settled back to her normal life and started praying to her gods again. On the first death anniversary of her husband, she decided to invite seven Rishivaryas to her home for lunch. Like She taught she invited seven Rishivaryas to her home and prepared lunch with all reciepies and food items. The Rishivaryas started eating lunch, at the end of the lunch the Rishivaryas asked for curd. However, the woman mistakenly missed to add the curd to the lunch. She realized her mistake and requested the Rishivaryas to give her some time to bring the curd. 

The Rishivaryas accepted her request and waited for the curd. The woman took some bowl from her kitchen and immediately ran towards the nearest shopkeeper and purchased the curd. While she was on the back to her home, An eagle from the sky went shouting from above her head. However, finally, the woman went to her home with curd and served the Rishivaryas.

After eating the curd all of the Rishivaryas are dead. The woman was shocked after watching the death of Rishivaryas and fell down. All of her neighbors scolded and commented on her as she became mad after her beloved husband’s death and killed those Rishivaryas.

After a few days, An Angel came from heaven on the order of god to investigate and write the sins of the culprit who killed the Rishivaryas.

The Angel first went to the woman and asked her why you killed the Rishivaryas. The woman replied no no I don’t know anything, I didn’t kill the Rishivaryas, I just brought curd from the shopkeeper and served the Rishivaryas. And also the woman mentioned about the eagle that flew above her head. 

Now the Angel went to the shopkeeper and asked why you killed the Rishivaryas, the shopkeeper replied that he didn’t kill the Rishivaryas, he just sold curd to the women. Then the angel taught about the eagle that flew above the head of the women. The Angel went to that eagle and asked why you killed the Rishivaryas. The eagle replied no no I did not kill the Rishivaryas, I was Carrying a Snake with my legs may it was the Snake that killed the Rishivaryas.

The angel went to that snake and asked why you killed the Rishivaryas, The snake replied, no I didn’t kill the Rishivaryas, the eagle took me from the ground to eat me, to save myself from the eagle, I split out the venom. Unfortunately, some amount of venom has dropped into curd. So the Angel decided that  Rishivaryas died because of eating the poisonous curd.

Tell me now, Who is the real culprit of the murders of the seven Rishivaryas? The woman who fed Rishivaryas with curd. or The Shopkeeper who sold curd to the women. or The Eagle who took the snake and flew above the head of the woman. or The snake who dropped the venom into the curd. Think about it, who do you really think is the culprit? Take your time reflect on the story you heard till now and decide who is the real culprit.

The Angel went back to heaven and met god and explained what happened exactly. And the Agel asked the god, That I Would write sins and cause of murder on the Snake, because of the snake venom in the curd the Rishivaryas died. The god stopped the Angel and asked her to write sins on the Neighbors. The angel asked god why the neighbors, they haven’t done anything in the murders of the Rishivaryas.

God replied to the Angel, The Snake spitted the venom to save herself from the eagle, it was the nature of the snake. The eagle took the snake to feed herself as it was her nature to get food. The shopkeeper sold curd to the woman, for his living and his family. The woman bought the curd from the shopkeeper, as it was her responsibility to fulfill the wish of Rishivaryas. 

But the neighbors who commented and scolded the woman were the real sinners. Because they didn’t know what happened actually and still commented and scolded the woman like she really killed the Rishivaryas. So write the neighbor’s names for sins and cause of murders of the Rishivaryas. The Angel obeyed God’s order and wrote the sins and cause of death in the name of all the neighbors who commented and scolded the woman.

Shocked right about the God’s Decision? That’s why never ever judge a person in your life. You may never know what’s going on in the lives of your fellow people. Leave sins and Virtues to god he will take of it. All you need to do is do your work honestly. Be honest with yourself. Love your family and respect your society.

Praveen Rongala



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