Gandhiji’s amazing contribution – Economic freedom


3rd July 2024 | 17 Views

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The most revered great man, the Father of the Nation, was Mahatma Gandhi, whom people called Bapu. The ancient Mahatma ji was a divine soul and pioneer of the freedom struggle and his principles and works are an inspiration to behold. As far as economic India is concerned, he gave birth to the idea of such an economic base which people know as compostable clothes. He set an example of idealism and the economic foundation that the model developed was inaccessible to the people.

A movement to give prominence to edible Khadi was started, in which more and more Khadi stalls were promoted. Which was named Swadeshi Movement 1905. The Khadi-Swadeshi movement gave an opportunity to biologically backward industries, especially the Khadi industry, to flourish and other indigenous industries also gained momentum.

Under this research, the private industry started getting so much benefit because people considered adopting indigenous products as their national religion. Apart from this, overall awareness towards Swadeshi architecture was also created, as a result of which self-motivated awakening took place in the public mind. As a result, Somali appeared as a remote island of economic development on Indian soil.

In the same sequence, the freedom struggle also started gaining strength, as people started getting involved, the public support of the people started getting stronger. Due to the influence of the freedom struggle movement, the inspiration and desire to be self-reliant in the public mind had now become progressive on the real ground.

Such Indian models were launched in the market, presenting Khadi as their first and last choice and conforming to foreign idols. In this way, the people not only expressed their amazing love for the local product and gave the slogan, but the feeling of new definition of this love got settled in the kheer, this was also visible in the freedom struggle.

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