8 Ways To Make Money From Home By Starting A Blog For Free

8 BEST Websites for Starting A Blog For Free (2024)

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Modern writing platforms allow you to blog with minimum effort. For free, the best sites to start a blog include WordPress.org, Milyin.com, and Medium.com. With the increasing competition, it is difficult for you to choose the right platform to start a blog for free.

That’s why we have curated a list of 8 of the best websites for starting a blog and earning money for you. Starting a blog for free is easy with some of the best platforms. By the end of this Creation, you’ll learn about the best blogging platforms, understand critical factors for choosing a platform, and be able to decide the best place to start a blog for your needs.

Editor’s Pick

Milyin is the perfect choice to start a blog for free. It provides robust editing tools, media inserting, social embedding, easy monetization, and more. The straightforward usage makes it ideal for your needs.

Starting A Blog For Free

PlatformJoining CostsEase Of Getting StartedFreedom to BlogLink
👍MilyinFreeVery EasyVery GoodMilyin
WordPress.comFreeModerateVery GoodWordPress
MediumFreeVery EasyGoodMedium
BloggerFreeEasyVery GoodBlogger

1) Milyin

Milyin is best for creating all forms of content and start earning from day 1 with its robust blogging tools.

Milyin is a great content-creating platform that can be used to start blogging for free in 2023. With Milyin, you get complete control over your content. You can write your opinions, blogs, short stories, and poems on Milyin. You start earning from Day 1 and get plenty of tools to help you easily create content.

You get paid through advertisements on your content. You earn $0.1 per ad click on Milyin. They give you options to configure and optimize your revenue, which allows you to increase or decrease the number of ads to match your revenue goals.



  • Plagiarism: It has various Content Reuse Controls that help you turn off copying/stealing of your content. This ensures no one can easily copy or download your content.
  • Content: It supports various content formats, including text, images, GIFs, and videos. Besides, you can embed social media and add containers and grids.
  • Optimization: Advanced tools to optimize earning with Advertisements and affiliate links in your content to meet your earning goals.
  • Statistics: They provide insights about daily views and earnings to help you learn and become a better writer.
  • Earnings: Good content would fetch views, bringing ad clicks and revenue. As a Creator, good content would start earning income right from day 1, making Milyin the place to start a blog for free.
Start earning from Day 1No app for Android or iOS
There are no Joining charges, and it allows Creation with complete freedom 
It helps you improve as a writer with recommendations and suggestions. 

2) WordPress.com

WordPress.com is best way to start a blog that can be easily scaled up as a large scale blogging business.

WordPress is a free blogging website with many features to simplify the blogging experience. It is the most popular blogging platform on the internet, with many plugins, themes, and page builders to customize your blog however you want without coding. 

Once your site grows, you can easily upgrade to a paid domain/hosting and build a completely independent site to import/export your free WordPress site. While you can get started on WordPress for free, it will not have monetization options. You would have to opt for a paid hosting plan.



  • Scale: WordPress is accessible for beginners and can be used with a custom domain name whenever you want. So, whenever you create a custom website, you can easily set it up using WordPress and export/import your content.
  • Content: It is designed to be easy to use with support for various blocks with text, photos, forms, reviews, and more that can be added without code.
  • Device Support: Android and iOS WordPress apps allow quick creation and management of blogs from anywhere.
  • Tools: Built-in performance optimization tools, SEO plugins, security features, management system, and 3rd-party automation for various use cases.
The most comprehensive range of plugins and tools to meet all your needsWordPress runs its ads on your content, but you won’t get paid for it
Allows easy scalability and transfer to paid hosting with easy import/exports. 
An excellent choice for long-term blogging and audience development 

3) Medium.com

Medium.com is best for starting a blog and interacting with top bloggers and content creators globally.

Medium is one of the most popular places to start a free blog online. You can find some of the most influential names writing on Medium. They have a well-built user interface and tools to assist you in the writing process. You can use Medium to produce a variety of content with ease. 

Medium has one of the biggest audiences among all the platforms, and it allows you to easily reach out to many people and rank quickly on Google and other search engines. You can easily promote your stories, interact with writers, and provide or receive help for a growing audience.



  • Network: Medium.com is a place trusted by newcomers and experienced writers. It is home to some of the most popular bloggers on the internet. You should try Medium.com to start a blog for free in 2023.
  • Memberships: Complete control over using paywalls for your top content ensures that your best content generates much revenue and loyal followers.
  • Learn: The Creator Hub provides support, guidance, pro tips, and more info to help you become a better blogger.
  • Instant Start: With a straightforward setup, Medium allows you to start a blog for free in almost no time. You have to register and get started.
  • Interactions: Various socialization tools allow your audience to follow or subscribe to you. You may even Interact with your readers in comments or chat.
Very easy to set up and use due to its simple signup process.You have to be a consistent writer before you can start earning.
An excellent choice for beginners as well as very experienced writers 
Provides unmatched tools for creating content 

4) Weebly

Weebly is the best way for starting a blog for free and showcasing your portfolio by creating attractive websites using their no-code page builder.

Weebly is primarily a page builder but has tools for blogging, e-commerce, portfolio, and more. It’s an excellent place to start a free blog and grow it. It provides an intuitive UI with a straightforward editor to help you write content quickly.

Unlike other platforms, Weebly can add ad spaces, social media icons, newsletters, and more to your content. With Weebly, you can do more than start a blog for free. You can enjoy creating quality content and use various options to make money from home. This includes selling merchandise and ebooks, providing paid subscriptions for exclusive content, and more.



  • Plans: Multiple plans, including a Lifetime Free Basic Plan that helps you start your blog for free. Advanced techniques allow you to use a custom domain to work independently.
  • Tools: Weebly provides plenty of tools and options to start blogging for free. Its built-in SEO and lead generation tools are ideal for various blogging-related use cases.
  • Scalable: It is a managed hosting that can be easily adapted to your free blog’s constantly changing needs and scale.
  • Capabilities: You can create blog posts, sell products, build portfolios, generate leads, and more with the advanced features available with all plans Weebly.
Built-in analytics allow you to understand your audience better and optimize content accordingly.There is a relatively minor variety of themes and designs compared to platforms like WordPress.
Supports connecting subdomains easily and adding features with paid plans 
Drag and drop page builder simplifies starting a blog for free. 

5) Blogger

Blogger is the best place to start a blog for free as a complete beginner

Blogger is straightforward, meaningful, and influential. Blogger.com is an excellent choice to write and publish with minimal effort. With its decades of history, simple UI, and easy-to-use tools, beginners can easily understand concepts and start blogging.

It’s one of the most excellent options for starting a blog for free for beginner/inexperienced authors who are still learning the fundamentals of blogging. In the 1990s, it was one of the first blogging sites. Blogger is rightfully regarded as a forerunner of WordPress, providing the groundwork for all current self-publishing platforms.



  • Simplicity: It’s known for its simplicity and ease of use. It can be used by anyone, from beginners to older adults who struggle with using technology. It is time-saving and always a great place to start as a beginner.
  • Domains: It is designed to be highly scalable. If your free blog grows well, you can effortlessly scale it up to your custom domains.
  • Integrations: Integrates with Google AdSense to ensure high earnings. You can also link it with Google Analytics for data collection and critical statistics about your content.
The oldest and the most well-known platform for bloggingFairly basic SEO and blogging tools
It is entirely free and the most straightforward platform among all the platforms. 
Simple themes to personalize your blog in almost no time. 

6) Ghost

Ghost.org is best for creating modern blog with minimum efforts with great freedom and flexibility.

Ghost is a platform for writing your independently hosted content. It allows for complete freedom over the User Interface. You can even remove all the brandings. You can also create exclusive content for your paying readers.

It is built for all types of publications and workings. Great tools allow you to create, grow, and utilize your audience to gain more views and earn more revenue. It’s an excellent place for starting a blog if you are willing to pay a small amount upfront.



  • Themes: Ghost.org is a platform with many modern features to create and build the most beautiful blogs. It is designed to be stylish and can be easily tweaked to match your style.
  • Customization: They have plenty of customization options, designs, themes, and integrations to make everything work as you want it to.
  • Marketing: It provides Built-in support for marketing tools such as newsletters that keep your audience hooked and ensure consistent viewership.
  • Writing: A clean editor interface allows quick creation of content at scale. Advanced analytics give you valuable insights for your blog and help you improve your blog to satisfy your readers.
  • Memberships: You can use it to create exclusive content for your registered users or paid members.
Allows easy custom branding optionsNo free plan is available
Provides easy integrations with Zapier, Slack, AMP, Disqus, Google Analytics, Typeform 
Completely open-source code for easy development 

7) HubPages

HubPages is the best way to start online discussions and use the forum as a blog for your content.

HubPages is unlike any other platform that we have discussed till now. HubPages is a place to discuss and share ideas, thoughts, and unique perspectives. If you plan on starting a blog for free, where you share your independent thoughts, then HubPlace is an excellent choice.

It could be used to share cooking recipes, arts and crafts, life hacks, and more from your daily life. With HubPages, you can monetize your blogs with Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate ads.



  • Freedom: HubPages is meant to be a place to speak your mind and spread your thoughts and ideas. You can use it to start your blog to share your stories, personal experiences, and unique perspectives.
  • Environment: It has created an environment where you feel free to talk and share things you love, be it your favorite music, books, recipes, ideas, thoughts, and more.
  • Content: Supports unique content and allows it to flourish and gain attention, making it a great place to avoid clickbait and enjoy quality content.
It helps follow your interestLacks tools for professional blog writing
Great place to write blogs or share quotes and stories 
Excellent for writing reviews and unique experiences about businesses, products, and more 

8) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best to start a blog focussing on business and career

LinkedIn is an underrated place for starting a blog for free. LinkedIn already has a massive potential audience and can be leveraged easily if you have some interesting content relating to business and career, making it one of the best places to earn money through article writing.

It’s a great place to quickly grow your audience and gain much exposure for your work. It can also be used for lead generation and awareness. Of course, there are a lot of short posts on LinkedIn, but you can click ‘Write an article on LinkedIn’ and create proper long posts for your blog on LinkedIn. The general audience, tools, reach, and niche make it an excellent place to start a blog for free.



  • People: Helps interact, make connections, and communicate with like-minded people with similar professional and business interests.
  • Formatting: It fully supports text formatting, images, and other interactive content forms. You can easily design, format, and stylize your blog to deliver your message best.
  • Professionals: LinkedIn is a social platform for interactions between businesses and working professionals. It supports interacting in various forms of posts. That’s why you can quickly get started with a blog.
  • Userbase: As a social media platform, it has a vast and active user base that can be easily tapped into by writing quality blogs.
It provides a massive audience for you to targetNo controls over design and styling
Great for starting a blog for free about career and business 
Very easy to get started and manage 

What should you look for in a platform when starting a blog?

Some of the key things to consider when looking for a way to start a blog are:

  • Flexibility: If you want to start a blog and stand out from the rest, you need flexibility. It should provide tools to customize, style, and design your blog.
  • Writing: An ideal blogging platform should allow you to write about any topic of your choice without any limits.
  • Pricing: Always look for platforms that have a low/free cost for getting started. Its recommended to choose services that can even help you earn money from the blog.

Top Tips For Starting a Blog

Here are some of my top tips to get started with a blog for free:

  • Niche: You must always choose a niche and create content relevant to it. General purpose content is never a good idea, and we recommend you focus on a niche of your choice.
  • Monetize: What’s the point of starting a blog if you can’t earn from it? You should monetize your blog and ensure that it is capable of bringing substantial revenue after scaling.
  • Share: To bring traffic, you should your blog links with friends and family, submit your site on Google webmasters, share on social media and more.


Is it possible to start a blog for free?

Yes, some of the best blogging platforms allow you to create a blog and start writing for free. These blogging websites give you proper freedom and ability to work independently.


What are the best ways to start a blog for free?

Some of the best methods to earn money by starting a blog for free include Milyin, Medium, WordPress, and many more. These blogging platforms are free, customizable, beginner-friendly, and easily scalable.

The Verdict – Start a Blog For Free

If you love something, share it with others. Start a blog about it. It’s as simple as that. Starting a blog for free is easy and doesn’t require special skills or expensive equipment. It’s easy to set up a blog on WordPress.com, which offers free hosting and tools that will allow you to create a professional website in minutes. Blogging is more powerful and popular than ever before. There are some great platforms to kick-start your blogging journey. Some of them are:

FeatureBest Platform
Best Earning PotentialMilyin
Best For BeginnersBlogger
Best For ScalabilityWordPress
Best Discussions PlatformHubPages

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