7 Ways To Earn Money By Writing Quotes Online (2024)

7 Ways To Earn Money By Writing Quotes Online In 2022

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Earning money by writing quotes requires choosing the best writing platforms. Some of the best ways to write quotes include Milyin, RedBubble, and YourQuote. Always look into choosing services with proper writing tools, robust monetization schemes, and good UI.

I have been a writer for six years, and I understand how hard it is to get success as a quote writer. To succeed, you’d need some of the best writing platforms. I’ve spent countless hours curating this list of the best ways to write quotes and earn money.

To earn money by writing quotes, you can look into Milyin, Quotes Donut, and YourQuote. Milyin has the greatest variety of content. Quotes Donut is best for short quotes. Your Quote is suitable for Indians.

Editor’s Pick

Milyin is a great place to write quotes with robust writing and earning tools. You can write quality quotes and generate revenue through ads. 

Earn Money By Writing Quotes

PlatformCost to JoinEarning PotentialEase of WritingFreedomLink
👍 MilyinFreeVery HighVery GoodVery GoodMilyin
RedBubbleFreeHighGoodVery GoodRedBubble
Your QuoteFreeHighVery GoodVery GoodYourQuote
Quotes DonutFreeHighGoodVery GoodQuotes Donut

1) Milyin

Milyin is the best writing platform to create all types of Content 

Milyin is a great free-to-join platform to create content in the way you like. As a new writer, you can start earning from Day 1 itself. In fact, you can create content of any form, including short stories, poetry, and quotes. All your written content will have ads. You would earn from these same ads. This lets you easily get paid to write about anything.

Unlike other platforms, Milyin provides plenty of tools to select the type of ads for your content. You could also increase or decrease the number of ads to meet your earning goals. Besides, in my experience, they provide very decent insights, statistics, and other data to help you improve. 



  • Monetization: All your content is monetized from Day 1, and you start earning quickly. All your Creations have advertisements in them. Whenever your audience clicks on these ads, you make some money.
  • Configuration: You can configure your advertisements to appear in frequency and places of your choosing. This helps you better optimize promotions according to your taste.
  • Statistics: It provides data-driven insights and analytics about your Creation’s performance. You can use this to optimize your content and improve user engagement.
Suitable for new as well as experienced writersNo apps are available for Android or iOS
Helps generate income right from Day 1 
Unmatched tools for creating content and optimizing revenue. 

2) Wallpapers

Wallpapers are best for creating attractive images of your quotes to earn high income from digital sales.

Wallpapers are a great way to express emotions. It’s not tough to find people who search for high-quality wallpapers. As a writer, you can earn money by writing quotes on images and then selling them as Wallpaper.

You can find hundreds of quotes online to use on the wallpapers. Meanwhile, if you want to be more careful regarding plagiarism and copyright issues, use an online reword tool to rephrase quotes in more engaging way. Although this tool isn’t made for rephrasing quotes but you can still get help in quick time without paying anything.

To this day, I believe that Wallpapers are the most high-risk, high-reward approach to earning money by writing quotes. This approach is efficient. Many online places allow selling wallpapers. To make Wallpaper, you would need a little photo editing skills. Experience in photo editing is always helpful. But you could use many free tools on your phone or laptop to do the trick. Motivational quotes or genre-specific quotes can easily fetch you a handsome income.


  • Ease: You can create content with complete comfort and minimum pressure and deadlines. It allows you to build a habit of writing quotes consistently.
  • Sales: As a selling business, once you publish a few quotes that start trending, you’ll start getting a lot of consistent sales and regular income without additional efforts
  • Skill: It helps build skills in graphic design, basic image editing, marketing, social media handling, and more. 
Helps become famous as a quote writerRequires moderate photo editing skills
Allows targeting particular niches to the full extent 
Excellent payout rates per quote published. 

3) RedBubble

RedBubble is the best for earning money by selling quotes online in the form of apparels and furniture.

RedBubble is a form of POD or Print-on-demand dropshipping that allows you to use your unique and original quotes on clothes, furniture, and more. It requires no upfront investment. With POD, you can easily use your selections to sell goods—platforms like RedBubble to upload your quotes and let people buy products with your quotes printed on them.

The products include t-shirts, hoodies, bed sheets, mats, mugs, and phone covers. Unlike other platforms, you can set your pricing, which is a significant advantage in my experience. RedBubble would take a cut from your price for the manufacturing and delivery costs. After that, people buy your designs printed on various products, and you earn money.



  • Setup: POD is very easy to set up, and you don’t need to make upfront investments; no need to do coordination or management; you write quotes and post them on RedBubble using their tools for styling.
  • Management: POD services like RedBubble manage printing, selling, shipping, and processing. You can focus on earning money by writing and designing the quotes.
  • Content: Print on Demand generally runs on the latest trends. So, writing quotes on the latest trends allows you to make sales without much competition from others.
Easy-to-use tools allow you to type and stylize them and change fonts, colors, and more.The first sale generally takes a couple of days
Once you start getting deals, you get a consistent monthly income 
It lets you focus on writing rather than selling. 

4) YourQuote

YourQuote is best for earning money by providng your audience paid subscriptions for your quotes.

YourQuote is an Indian startup with huge potential and the ability to earn money by writing quotes. It can be used to write short stories or post quotes per your choice. You could even get your best quotes printed as a book as a successful writer.

It works on a subscription-based financial system. You can provide readers with a cheap subscription that will give them access to all your quotes. YourQuote allows you to choose your subscription price, ranging from Rs. 20 to Rs. 100. You could also offer some of your best works as a paid story.



  • Niche: Unlike other ways to earn money by writing quotes, YourQuote is wholly dedicated to this niche, with all writers and readers exclusively producing selections.
  • Language: YourQuote has a user base and audience that supports content in various international and regional languages. This is ideal for non-English quote writers.
  • Ease: A simple and straightforward user interface that is ideal for you to easily create content as a beginner without much effort.
Allows complete freedom to control and publish your contentPayments can be withdrawn only after reaching Rs. 1000
Supports writing content in multiple languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, etc.  
Easy-to-use tools allow you to convert your written content into beautiful artwork. 

5) Quotes Donut

Quotes Donut is the best website to write quotes and take part in wiritng contests online

Quotes Donut is the ideal app for writing many significant sections covering various genres while earning money. At Quotes Donut, you can easily make money by writing quotes through their excellent tools. Moreover, you can enjoy reading, saving, and enjoying quotes from other writers.

It’s a great place for viewers to find quotes, get captions for Instagram, and more. The Quotes from Quotes Donut can also be used for books, painting, walls, mobile apps, websites, etc. You can create content in various categories in text and image format. It takes proper steps to minimize spam and moderate all sorts of plagiarism.

Quotes Donut


  • Trending: The best quotes on the site are highlighted in the trending section for excellent visibility, impressions, and earnings.
  • Audience: You can cater to a highly engaged audience that is genuinely excited and appreciative of your work.
  • Quote Maker: The advanced quote maker lets you stylize your quote into attractive graphics with easy-to-use tools. These graphics work well on social media and help attract casual readers.
It provides complete control over your content and allows republishing anywhere you wantVery unstable app
Allows hiding your original name and showing your pen name 
Earn money by writing quotes through frequent contests. 

6) Self Publishing

Self Publishing using WordPress is best for earning money by writing quotes online with complete freedom.

If you are serious about earning money by writing quotes, then you must try to look into self-publishing using WordPress. This gives you complete freedom for your content, with no restrictions. To implement self-publishing for writing quotes, you must buy a domain, host, and configure WordPress. This is also a great choice to earn money through article writing.

WordPress CMS would allow you to build your site without any problems. The benefits of self-publishing include the ability to write about anything and everything, using far more monetization methods than any other platform, and excellent control over how you want your content to look. Also, look out at the WordPress statistics.



  • Freedom: It makes you completely independent and lets you easily stylize, design, and maintain your website without restrictions.
  • Brand Value: As an independent quote writer, you will build a reputation for writing and fan-following your favorite quotes.
  • Earning: Using WordPress, you can set up affiliate sales, advertisements, memberships, and various other methods to increase your earnings.
Highest Earning potential among all platformsRequires initial financial investment
Unmatched freedom to create content 
It helps you grow your audience independently. 

7) Social Media

Social Media is best for earning money after gaining popularity and socialism by writing quotes

The power of social media and organic traffic cannot be understated. You can use social media to earn money by writing quotes. Social media platforms like Quora and Pinterest can be great choices for making money by writing quotes, as you earn money when your content gets traffic.

Moreover, platforms like Instagram and Facebook may not have direct monetization tools. Still, if you gain a bit of popularity, you can use Amazon Affiliates or Sponsored ads to generate a lot of revenue. Social media can also help you become famous, which will help you build your brand value and be critical for attending significant writing events.


  • Target Audience: Due to the widespread popularity of social media platforms, you can quickly target a user base of over 1 billion people.
  • Paid Posts: If you succeed in attracting an audience that loves quotes. Many brands would buy paid posts from you to help you earn a lot.
  • Fame: You will become famous if your quotes succeed on social media. The popularity will invite brand deals, sponsorships, and invitations to events and seminars.
An enormous audience size among all platforms mentioned hereIt takes time to build a consistent income
It lets you utilize your friends and family to build an audience initially 
The most easy-to-use method 

How to earn money by writing quotes?

You can easily earn money by writing quotes online with many new services and platforms that support new and experienced writers. You can create a lot of quotes and make them via selling subscriptions to your quotes, taking part in contests, running ads on your quote, selling clothes and furniture with your quotes, and more.

What should you look for while choosing a way to earn money by writing quotes?

Some of the key things to look for while choosing a method to write quotes and earn money are:

  • Audience: Choose a platform with demographics that match your target audience. Ideally, you want to appeal directly to your prospective audience.
  • Earning: Select quote writing platforms that let you get started with earning from Day 1 itself.
  • Writing Tools: You should look for writing methods that provide you with plenty of styling, formatting, and customization options.


What are the best ways to earn money by writing quotes?

Some of the best methods to earn money through writing quotes include content writing at Milyin, selling wallpapers with quotes, and publishing on YourQuote.

The Verdict

That’s all from our side regarding the best places to write quotes and earn money. All of them sound like reasonably good choices for your needs. But, as promised, our final verdict will help you make the right choice.

Best forMethod to write quotes and earn money
Highest earning potentialMilyin
Dedicated Site for Quote WritingYourQuote
Complete Independence for WritingWordPress

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