7 Ways To Earn Money By Writing Poems Online In India

7 Ways to Earn Money By Writing Poems in India (2024)

8th March 2024 | 8527 Views

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Writing poems and Shayari in India can let you earn money online. These websites to earn from poetry include Milyin, Ghost, WordPress, and Fiverr. I’ve handpicked some of the best poetry websites based on ease of use, earning potential, UI, and cost.

As a writer myself, I know how hard it is to find the perfect platform for your needs. That’s why I have worked tirelessly to find some of the best fits for you. In this Creation, I will also share some of my tips to gain success in writing poems and earning money in India.

The best ways to write poems and earn money include Milyin, Submittable, and Squarespace. Milyin is ideal for beginner poets. Submittable provides respect. Squarespace helps you create a poetry website.

Editor’s Pick

Milyin should be your go-to choice for earning money by writing poetry in India. You can easily publish poetry for free and start earning from Day 1 in India.

Earn Money By Writing Poems Online In India

PlatformCost to JoinEarning PotentialEase of WritingFreedomLearn More
👍 MilyinFreeVery HighVery High Very HighMilyin
SubmittableFreeVery HighGoodModerateSubmittable
Ghost.org$29 per monthHighVery GoodVery GoodGhost.org
Square Space$30+ a yearVery HighModerateVery GoodSquare Space
Udemy CoursesFreeHighVery GoodVery GoodUdemy

1) Milyin

Milyin is best for enjoying complete freedom over your content and placing advertisements to instantly start earning.

Milyin is a great writing platform for writers to earn money as poets or Shayari writers in India. With it, you get a suite of tools to help yourself grow and earn as a poet. For earning, you can run automated ads on your content from Day 1 that generate earnings for you. Even decent poets can quickly make a respectable income from the first day.

Once you start getting views and building a genuine audience, you will have a consistently high income for your content. Milyin is committed to supporting new bloggers, writers, poets, and all forms of creative professionals. You can earn regular, consistent income and build your audience and reputation with a couple of poems.



  • Improvement: tools to help you become a better writer as well. With Milyin, you can write poems that are available for people to read. People who read your poems will click your ads, and you will earn revenue.
  • Content Protection: Features to ensure you can’t be reused. You can restrict copy-pasting and screenshots on your content, ensuring your content remains exclusively with you.
  • Media: It allows you to add media, embed social media, and create containers, tables, lists, and various other forms of content.
Helps grow new as well as experienced writersOnly available on the web — lacks Android and iOS apps.
Gives you complete control over monetization. You can easily customize the ads to suit your monetary expectations. 
Ensures your content can’t be easily copied, stolen, or misused 

2) Submittable – Poetry Magazine

Submittable poetry magazine is best for writing poetry on one of the most reputated digital spaces to earn respect and credibility.

Submittable Poetry magazine is among the best ways to earn money by writing poems in India for writers focused exclusively on poetry. It’s ideal for beginners as well as experienced writers due to lucrative payments and the ability to work as a real professional poet.

If you have the relevant skills to create quality poems, it can make you an overnight success. As a beginner, you can leverage an AI poem generator to create or rewrite your poems. After submitting poems on their site, your approved poems will be published with your name, gaining you credibility and success. It supports independent creators (including poets) and ensures quality poets can become successful.



  • High Earnings for Poems: Once approved, you will earn $10 per line, with a minimum pay of $300 per poem, which is pretty impressive for new writers. 
  • Joining: It is free to join, and you can submit your poetry whenever you want with minimum hassles.
  • Format: You need not worry about formatting and styling your poetry. Create your Shayari or poetry, and they will handle the publishing and formatting issues.
Complete freedom to create poems in the format of your choice.Low approval chances compared to other platforms.
Published writers immediately become more credible and respected among poetry enthusiasts. 
Highest earnings-per-word. 

3) Ghost.org

Ghost.org is best for writing poetry with complete freedom and tranparency.

Ghost is an open-for-all poetry writing website in India that supports independent creators and writers (including poets) by allowing them to publish their poems. They provide excellent monetization tools and help creators grow and become financially successful.

In addition, Ghost.org allows the publishing of all forms of creative content, including stories and poetry. With Ghost, you can quickly publish your content and become a famous and credible poet. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use Ghost.



  • Customization: Ghost gives you customization options that are unlike any other platform. You can change the header and content styles, remove Ghost branding, or add some of your brandings to your content.
  • Integrations: It also provides users with plenty of integrations for automation and building specific use cases. You can integrate it with various popular services like Discourse and Zapier.
  • Independence: You may purchase and set up an exclusive domain to write your content with greater autonomy.
Unmatched tools and features to help create poetry precisely the way you want

They do not provide a free plan.

Supports new as well as experienced creators in assisting them in earning money 
Integrates easily with services like Zapier, Slack, Google Analytics, and Typeform 

4) SquareSpace

SquareSpace is best for designing advanced webpages without coding, retaining complete control of your content.

SquareSpace Self-publishing involves starting your website to support all your content and ensure complete freedom. With the help of modern content management systems like WordPress, you can easily create and manage a website with little effort.

Getting started on your poetic journey and earning a reputation and credibility will be a great choice as a poet. You can use Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate to monetize your content. Besides, once your content starts getting views, you can even retarget it to allow for selling merchandise and use it to sell ebooks and various other products to earn money.



  • Transparency: In self-publishing, complete transparency is maintained to ensure you can understand how the platform works and better optimize it to suit your needs.
  • Monetization: Multiple monetization tools allow for having a great income potential for all writers. You can use advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsorships, guest posts, and other methods to earn money. 
  • Ownership: Your content would also be entirely yours and free from any platform restrictions. This would be especially useful for those who want to earn money by writing Hindi poems online.
Complete freedom for creating content in all forms, including poetryRequires small financial investment initially
Supports the broadest range of monetization optionsIt needs a lot of effort in the initial days to build an audience
Allows for gaining reputation and popularity 

5) Courses – Udemy

Courses on Udemy are the best way to start earning money as an experienced poet by teaching poetry to others.

Udemy is ideal for earning money as a poet in India by teaching poetry. There’s a lot of demand for learning poetry in India today. If you have knowledge and experience doing poetry in India, you can start your own YouTube channel, a Udemy course, or physical lectures. You can provide expert tips on writing fiction like poems, stories, quotes, etc.

There are a lot of people who want to be a poet but lack guidance. If you know the art of poetry well enough, instead of trying to earn money by writing poems online in India, you could earn money by teaching poetry in India. It has a vast potential and almost no competition, making it a great choice to earn money.



  • Hassle-Free: All the purchases, payments, delivery, and maintenance are handled by the course provider. You teach and enjoy long-term benefits.
  • Flexibility: It gives you flexibility and the ability to earn money with poetry. You may even sell recorded lectures, allowing you to earn consistent income for the long term. 
  • Guidance: As a writer, you can provide online advice and tutorials. Furthermore, online seminars to spread awareness about poetry can attract a vast audience and revenue.
  • Expertise: Once you start teaching poetry, you will be perceived as an expert. As a result, you will receive more tremendous respect, and your poetry will likely be valued more.
Allows you to pursue other jobs while still making money by teaching poetryIt requires a lot of effort to be a good enough teacher.
It helps improve your poetry skills. 
A good teacher ensures you can build your reputation as a skilled poet. 

6) Comedy

Comedy is best to earn money by writing Hindi poems and shayari online in India and gaining huge popularity.

As a poet, you should try making poetry with a hint of comedy and humor to snowball and earn a lot of money. Indians love humor, and if you can fuse a decent sense of humor with your poetic skills, you can easily make money by writing poems online in India. 

Comedy isn’t easy. Making comedy in a poetic form is even more challenging. But it’s a niche where you have the highest income potential. You don’t need to go to events to earn money as a comedian poet, and You can make money writing Hindi poems online in India if you use a bit of humor.

Pick a new trendy topic, and find the funny element in it. Create poetry surrounding that humorous element. It doesn’t need to be extended. A short 4-8 line poetry is more than enough. You can publish it on Instagram or Pinterest or sell it as a printed T-shirt using sites like RedBubble.


  • Honor: Once you become famous, you shall be invited to seminars, lectures, and many other events where you will be paid to showcase your poetry.
  • Social Media: As a comedian/entertainer, your followers will grow massively and provide you with a great social following that can be leveraged using sponsorships and promotions to earn money.
  • You can easily earn money by writing poems online in India and posting content on platforms like YouTube or Milyin.
Comedy poetry has the highest earning potential among all the ways to make money writing poetry online in India.Requires a couple of weeks before you start earning revenue.
It allows you to gain fame and respect, unlike any other method we discussed 
Ensures you can be completely independent of other people and organizations. 

7) Fiverr Freelancing

Fiverr is best to write poems and earn money in India by working with various businesses and organizations.

There are plenty of freelancing opportunities that can leverage the skills of a poet. You can try freelancing on Fiverr and writing content for business to gain credibility. This will allow you to earn money by writing poems online in India. Affiliate Marketing and Freelancing are both great choices for people who are eager to start earning consistently.

There are plenty of freelance opportunities in India. You can leverage these opportunities to earn money and become successful. Freelancing options could include writing poems for magazines and journals, writing poetic marketing campaigns, etc. You can even freelance to create funny, poetic designs for Print on Demand T-shirts, furniture, and more.

While freelancing as a poet may not sound like a promising way to earn money, the earning potential is still very high. It might not be a great choice in the long term, but as a new poet, you must try freelancing to earn money by writing poems online in India.



  • Earning Potential: Due to the constant high demand for quality poets, the earning potential of freelancing is exceptionally high.
  • Portfolio: Working with top clients helps build a portfolio and social reputation critical to getting jobs.
  • Experience: As a beginner, working with freelancing clients can give you a lot of knowledge that can be critical in helping you learn and become a better poet.
It is a great choice to make money by writing Hindi poems online with easeRequires a lot of initial time investment
Allows for doing other forms of poetry in parallel 
It can be a very useful side hustle. 

What should you look for while choosing the best ways to make money by writing poems in India?

Some of the key parameters to consider when looking for methods to make money through poetry writing in India are:

  • Language: You should look for a platform that actually supports your poetry language. What good is a platform if it doesn’t support your preferred language?
  • Earning: As a writer, you should look for a platform that actually values your content and lets you get started almost immediately.
  • Pricing: If you are a beginner-level poet, it’s not wise to invest money upfront without any success. You should choose platforms that let you get started for free. 

How to become a successful poetry writer in India?

Now that you have decided on the platform, you might need some expert advice to become a successful poet. Here’s that:

  • Consistency: Write consistently. You build an audience only when people think you are working consistently. Publishing ten poems in a month and then remaining silent for the rest of the year is going to get you nowhere.
  • Interlink: You must tell people about your poetry. If you are writing digitally, provide links to your other poems to visit. If writing offline, please give a passing reference so that if people like one of your poems, they will find and read others.
  • Reputation: Build a reputation. Focusing on money is short-term. If you have build a reputation, you will earn for your life. Always write about the author section and other information for people to learn about you.

FAQs – Write Poems and Earn Money in India

Can I earn money by writing Hindi poems online?

Yes. It’s possible to earn money by writing Hindi poems online. There are new platforms and sites where your talent and creativity can be recognized. You can register on these platforms to gain popularity, credibility, and revenue simultaneously. 

How to earn money by writing poems online in India?

Some of the best places to write poetry in India Milyin, Submittable — Poetry Magazine, and Ghost.org. 

Final Verdict  – Make Money By Writing Poems (India)

It’s not easy to write poems and earn money in India. But with some of the best writing platforms, you can quickly get paid to write poetry or shayari in India. To help you ease your decision-making, we’ve curated our final verdict.

Best forMake Money By Writing Poems in India
Highest earningsMilyin
Earning respect and fameSubmittable Magazine
Complete IndependenceSquare Space

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Aditya Milyin



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