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9 BEST Sites to Write Stories in 2024 (Story Writing Websites)

27th April 2024 | 72 Views

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Writing and growing as a story writer is possible through the best websites to write stories. Some of the top story writing websites include Milyin, Wattpad, and Scribophile. As a writer, I understand how hard it is to build a name and audience to have your reach globally.

That’s why I used my years of experience to find some of the best story writing websites. I have been in the writing world for many years, and I have first-hand experience with most of the platforms. Keep reading for my recommendations on the perfect websites to write stories for your needs.

The best websites for writing stories include Milyin, Wattpad, and Medium. Milyin is perfect for complete freedom and flexibility of writing, Wattpad is ideal for fiction writing, and Medium is best for reaching a large audience. We selected these websites for story writing, keeping in mind parameters like readership, earning potential, and feedback.

Editor’s Pick

Milyin is an ideal story writing website with support for styling and formatting content, adding media, easily sharing Stories, and socializing with their online story reading community.

Websites to Write Stories

Websites to Write StoriesCommunity EngagementGenre VarietyFeedback and CritiqueLink
MilyinVery GoodExcellentVery GoodMilyin
MediumVery GoodVery GoodGoodMedium
ScribophileExcellentGoodVery GoodScribophile
CommafulGoodVery GoodVery GoodCommaful

1) Milyin

Milyin is among the best story writing websites for long or short stories in a variety of genres across various languages, serving diverse audiences globally. It boasts a user-friendly interface that welcomes seasoned story writers and novice content creators. This platform delivers a variety of content like blogs, poems, quotes, and concise and long-form stories.

This website for stories has community-driven feedback via the Comment section, Chat feature, and Creator follow/unfollow support. Using a full stats page, you can also view your full-time stats, like your earnings, views, words, comments, etc., for your Creations. Writers can create #stories and build their audience, thus gradually improving their niche.

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  • Multimedia Integration: It allows writers to incorporate elements like images and videos into their stories. They may also embed YouTube videos, Tweets, and Instagram posts.
  • Monetization Options: Writers can earn through the platform via various monetization features. All Creators are monetized from Day 1 and earn via advertisements in their content.
  • Full Creative Control: You can customize fonts, styling, formatting, add tables, lists, and grids, and get full control over ad placement.
Proper documentation to help you grow your audience and refine your content.Limited user base compared to larger platforms.
You can directly publish your content without needing any approval. 
Start publishing and earning right away with no fees.  

2) Wattpad

Wattpad is best for its extensive array of genres, from romance and fantasy to niche categories. Its major attraction is the long form content.

Wattpad boasts a vast library of user-generated stories in 20+ genres like romance, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. Writers can create content for free and connect with their audience personally. You can publish longer stories, further divided into multiple serialized chapters or a one-shot story. 

The Wattpad Creators Program gives access to various perks like editorial support, direct contact with the content team for Wattpad Originals, and many more to all the subscribed story writers. Wattpad Webtoon Studios can help propel your stories into the entertainment and publishing sector. You can get feedback on your #Stories through comments and votes.



  • Mobile-Friendly: The platform is optimized for mobile use, catering to on-the-go readers and writers, with native apps available for Android, iOS, and iPadOS. 
  • Writing Resources: To help with getting started, growing your audience, marketing your story, etc. They also hand-pick notable stories in their reading lists, gaining you fame and recognition.
  • Watty Awards: The audience’s most-voted books get nominated for ‘The Watty Awards.’ Get recognized by publishing houses and have an opportunity to get it made into a movie.
  • Guidance: Bite-sized video content available in Wattpad’s Story School to help with writer’s block, give inspiration, etc.
Enormous user community of more than 97M people.Overwhelming Amount of Content.
A newsletter subscription to get fresh updates, news, and resources for writers. 
There are opportunities to collaborate with various storywriters and publish in real time. 

3) Medium

Medium is best for essay-style thought-provoking articles, insightful blogs, and non-fiction stories like first-hand experiences and personal diaries. It is a social publishing platform with over 100 million users where anyone can share their short or long-form content. Many well-known publications use this platform to share their work, thus making it good for #StoryWritiing

You can connect with the readers and get feedback on your work through comments or private notes with questions or suggestions. Your audience can subscribe to your newsletter to receive updates via notifications whenever you publish new content. This is one of the best story writing websites to write stories and grow through their huge, pre-existing audience.



  • Medium Membership: A membership program where subscribers pay a monthly fee to access publishing tools and premium content to get inspired by and support fellow writers.
  • Multimedia: You can include images, videos, audio, and even tweets to enrich your content and style it how you want.
  • Medium-Partner Program: Through this program, writers can earn from their compelling content based on all the audience engagement they get.
  • Varied Genres: A wide range of genres and topics like Self-Development, Data Science, Technology, etc., to help writers explore their niche.
  • Built-in Analytics: You can track views, reads, engagement, and audience demographics to improve your content.
Writer’s tools to write interesting and engaging narratives.Revenue depends on engagement.
Through curation and engagement algorithms, it ensures quality content. 
You can tag your stories with relevant keywords for people to find them easily. 

4) Scribophile

Scribophile is best for getting feedback and guidance from writers worldwide. It allows you to critique, polish your skills, and grow. It fosters a community where writers can refine their craft through constructive feedback. This is among the best websites to write stories and provides a Writing Academy feature full of insightful articles about the art of writing.

You can create a free account, post your work, and request feedback. The Open Writing Contests with cash prizes encourage active participation, help develop the writer’s story writing skills, and boost confidence. This makes it an excellent website to write stories and earn money. You can also use this website as your portfolio by storing your work here and sharing it with potential writers or agents.



  • Subscription: This website is free to use but has a paid membership option of $8.25 monthly or $64 yearly, where members can exercise more benefits like unlimited/priority feedback, manuscript formatting, etc.
  • Networking: This platform is great for connecting with other writers and forming critique groups with over 200,000+ members.
  • Blind Reviews: You can get anonymous critiques to avoid bias based on your name or writing experience.
  • Free newsletter subscription: It delivers writing contests, the latest publishers, and writing markets to its subscribers once a week.
Gain valuable insights from professional editors.It’s not ideal for casual writers.
You can choose the type and level of feedback you need.It charges fees for critiques, which can be expensive.
Comprehensive resources and workshops for skill enhancement. 

5) FictionPress

FictionPress is best for writing stories or poetry in various genres, honing your craft, building your fanbase, and diving into diverse fandoms. This website for story writers is a dedicated space for fiction writers to share their original stories with readers worldwide. Story writers can easily create an account for free, write their stories, add tags, and publish them.

Story readers can leave reviews and feedback on posted stories, which help writers improve their work. You can connect with fellow wordsmiths, share your work, and receive constructive criticism to hone your craft. Writers can attend workshops and interviews with established authors. This will help improve their writing skills and gain valuable insights into the craft.



  • Genre-specific communities: You can find dedicated sections for various genres and build a targeted audience.
  • Contests and awards: Gain visibility and recognition through writing competitions.
  • Writers Tools: Tools such as Story Statistics to help with audience engagement and Beta Reader to provide feedback to fellow writers.
  • Author Forums: These forums provide a space for authors to interact and discuss with other fellow authors. 
You can be a Beta Reader and review other writers’ works.Lack of professional editing tools.
Add tags to your stories so readers can easily find them. 
Data Analytics to help track your story’s performance. 

6) Commaful

Commaful is among the best story writing websites for crafting multimedia stories, poems, and comics in a unique, engaging format. Storytellers of all kinds can share their stories. It embraces the art of microfiction, allowing writers to craft compelling stories in bite-sized formats. Its visually appealing presentations add a unique twist to traditional storytelling. Writers can grow and learn in a supportive community and get feedback. 

Writers can earn money through contests, sponsorships, and tips on this website for story writing. It also offers several resources for story writers, such as writing tips, prompts, and exercises. There are various topics such as fanfics, poetry, and short stories in various genres in which writers can create their narratives.



  • Visual Storytelling: Writers can create stories in picturebook format with image, video, and GIF integration. 
  • Mobile app: Write stories from anywhere, anytime on the Commaful app, which is accessible both on iOS and Android.
  • Writing Challenges: With diverse prompts and creative constraints, you can participate in these to create unique stories and get recognition.
  • Customization: Design your own story profiles, backgrounds, and character avatars.
Experiment with different genres and styles and polish your storytelling skills.Limited to short-form content.
Automatic story trailers to reach a mass audience. 
Top creators get opportunities like press coverage, partnerships, and more. 

7) Inkitt

Inkitt is best for sharing stories, building a fanbase, getting feedback via its edge-cutting story discovery algorithm, and getting published. Its data-driven approach helps identify potential breakout stories and find their audience by recommending them to readers. You can participate in writing contests, join writing groups, and get help from the guidelines provided.

Keeping the writers in mind, this is an ideal website for storywriters with a user-friendly interface. The story editor makes it easy to format and publish stories. To give and get feedback on their work, writers can actively participate in forums, group discussions, etc. Tools are available to optimize search engines, increasing their visibility to readers.



  • Data-Driven Discoverability: Inkitt uses algorithms to predict story popularity, and its partnership with publishing platforms allows aspiring writers to showcase their creativity and skills.
  • Reader-powered publishing: Authors upload their stories for free, and readers get to vote on them with ‘hearts.’ The stories with the most hearts gain visibility and have a higher chance of getting published through Inkitt’s sister platform, Galatea.
  • Reader Analytics: Writers can access reader analytics to understand their audience, which further helps them grow.
  • Serialized Stories: The platform supports serialized storytelling for audience engagement.
Pros Cons
It has a built-in audience, so writers don’t have to start from scratch.Quality control challenges.
Authors can get real-time feedback on their work from readers. 
The Discover feature helps you find the best stories. 

8) AO3

AO3 is best for diverse fanworks, from gripping fanfiction to stunning fan art, all shared by a supportive fandom across every genre. It allows writers to explore their favorite universes and share their stories with fellow enthusiasts. Story writers can upload stories in various formats like fanart, fan videos, etc., providing flexibility for different writing styles.

This is one of the best story writing websites that is easy to use, and writers can start by creating a free account. The diverse range of genres and fandoms caters to a large reader community. You can write books, comics, mangas, and much more, showcase your creativity, and refer to guidelines to help you with it. This is one of the best story writing websites for one-shot stories and serialized works.



  • Fanfiction Emphasis: AO3 is known for its extensive collection of fanfiction with over 61,000 fandoms,
  • Tagging System: A robust tagging system and search functionality allow for detailed story categorization.
  • Inclusivity: The platform is committed to inclusivity and diverse representation.
Extensive Fanfic community of over 12M members.The interface can be overwhelming.
Writers can participate in workshops to enhance their skills.Primarily focused on fanfiction.
Constructive feedback from fellow writers helps in continuous improvement. 

9) Novel Updates

Novel Updates is the best website for story writing major Korean and Chinese web novels and fanfic translations. It’s a great place to share your original stories or translated works. It acts as a centralized hub for novel releases like translated light novels, web novels, and Korean and Chinese novels. The user-friendly interface helps writers easily manage their profiles, track their stories, and interact with readers. 

Stories can be searched by their listings, rankings, latest series, and reading lists. Story writers can create personalized author profiles to showcase their work, connect with readers, and build a fan base. You can simply create an account, write in any genre of your choice, like romance, fantasy, etc., and then submit your stories for publication. 



  • Extensive Database: Novel Updates is a comprehensive database of web novels with a huge amount of web novels being published daily.
  • Feedback: Readers can review novels on the platform, leave comments, rate them, and engage in discussions.
  • Reading Lists: Users can create and share reading lists and also search for similar stories through them.
  • Notifications: It provides notifications for updates about their novels so that writers can maintain a consistent connection with their audience.
SEO integration to enhance the visibility of your stories.Limited original content.
Track your progress with built-in tools and analyze your performance.Minimal author interaction.
Genre diversity helps all types of writers explore and experiment with their story-writing skills. 

How To Choose The Best Website To Write Stories?

There are so many factors to consider while choosing among the best story writing websites like:

  • Writing Interface: Consider the story writing website that offers a text editor with formatting features.
  • Critique System: Check if the website has a system for getting significant feedback on your work.
  • Networking: Look for a website with an active community of writers you can interact with.

Other features can be Publication options, Subscription models, Genre-specific websites, etc, which can be thought of according to your preferences.


What are the best websites for publishing short stories?

Websites like Wattpad, Medium, Milyin, and Commaful are popular platforms for sharing short stories. It depends on different factors like what type of genre you prefer, if you just want to write stories or if you want to add visuals too, what type of reader audience you are targeting, etc.

Are free websites for writing stories worth it?

If you are new in this field or just testing the waters, it is better to try out the free websites. Milyin, Wattpad, Medium, and other such platforms all offer to create an account for free. This gives the basic idea about story writing, formatting, publishing, and audience engagement.

Conclusion – Website To Write Stories

The ideal platform for your storytelling endeavors depends on your specific needs and preferences. Each website offers a unique set of features, and while some may excel in user-friendliness, others might provide more robust publishing options or foster a stronger community. I hope you find the one that best suits your needs.

Best forWebsite for writing stories
Versatile content Milyin
Storywriting with visualsCommaful
Critique systemScribophile

Thanks for Reading,

Warm Regards,

Aditya Milyin



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