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How to Lead Fullest Scientific Life

28th November 2023 | 9 Views

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I was science teacher in Government school. I observed Some of my students have a naturally happy nature. They were #cheerful most of the time. Their pleasant #personalities made it easier for them to be happy and enjoy life. I also noticed there were students in my class with a personality that’s on the #grumpy side? They would see faults in people like friends or teachers and situations instead of the good. Their mood be grumpy more often than it’s cheerful. They had difficult emotions. I as teacher always tried to carry out some activity in my class room teaching to give tall my students (cheerful +grumpy) happy learning experience. We know that our body and our emotions can work in tandem, therefore while doing class room teaching I will always try to encourage my students to make collage of all diagrams which I taught in last lecture. I named this activity making educational collages. Many students liked this activity and always used to bring those collages to school. As and when time permit I will paste those collages outside my lab. This activity of making #educational collage made my work little simpler and easier to “hack” my students mood who were grumpy to joyful mood. I was so happy my all students started feeling more joyful on a daily basis.

To make my lesson more effective I often do science #arts writing to train young minds. In my co- curricular activity time the topic for debate was how to lead best possible scientific life. Students wrote very interesting answers. Some students were confused if they could have better #materialistic things available to them they would have lead a better full life. To make my students understand what is full life and how to lead fullest scientific life I wrote poem” Fullest Scientific Life” and pasted on notice board of school. Same poem I am listing below same for my esteem readers

Fullest Scientific Life

 Scientific Life is such a wide# umbrella,

How to get my fullest scientific life,

 I ask this question many times,

To my beloved# soul. 

With test tube in my hand,

I was in my lab #chemistry ,

 I realized, to lead the fullest scientific life,

I must concentrate on carrying out,

 My experiment systematically with #aptitude scientific,

Not on experimental quality apparatus,

 Why so asked my soul.

Carrying out science experiment sincerely in lab science,

 Highly equipped  Is like job, money, position in life, but not life,

 They are means to lead scientific life.

Most affluent knowledgeable #scientist researchers are not people,

 Who have every experiment equipment in their lab ,

Most affluent #knowledgeable are scientist researchers,

 Who utilize their lab and country resources,

In the best possible way to carry out science,

 experiment in lab, and remain happy.

This understanding #spontaneous,

 Made #crystal clear all my doubts,

I lost all my false fears of scientific life, 

And gained new directions of how to,

Lead my #happiest fullest scientific life

. Sukarma Rani Thareja



I tried my best to make my students understand that all #materialistic things which we possess cannot be equated to good life. They are means to #lead life. It all depends on one whatever resources one is provided with how one uses them in best possible way to lead full happy #scientific life.

MORAL OF STORY-. Happiest fullest scientific life is the feeling of truly enjoying ones life while doing science experiment, #interpreting results and reporting them in best possible way.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986 India 

 please do read below listed my book

Science of Life and Nature: A Photo Poetry Collection: Sukarma Thareja: 9781521260067:

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