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The Groom

12th November 2023 | 1 Views

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Like a tree I will provide you with shade and protect you from all harm, 
Like a star I will be your light in the  darkness that never fades,
I will be your sword in the battle,
The bullet that never misses its target, 
I will be your jacket in the cold,
The fun that blows you during the summer,
At the junction I will always stand to point you in the right direction, 
I will be the rope that pulls you from the deepest holes,
The hand that holds you firmly on slippery grounds,
I will teach you how to drive, ride a bike and a horse,
These, my arms will never hurt you but rather guide you, 
Like a teacher I’m going to teach you stuff but I know I’ll be your student too.

Oscar Munir



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