How Can You Face Different Problems in Life


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We face different kinds of problems throughout our life. There is not a single person, young or old, who has never faced any problem. Kids find problems in remembering their lessons or obeying their elders. As we grow up, our problems also start increasing in number and intensity. But fleeing from problems is not a solution for anyone. We need to face the problem and try to find suitable solutions to solve each problem amicably. We may seek advice or guidance from our parents, teachers, or other elders and more experienced people to solve our problems.

Financial problems: Many of us face financial crunches at different times of life. It is said that the two most common ways of ending financial miseries are –

1) Earn more -We need to increase our income if we find it hard to meet all ends every month. If you are doing a job, you should ask your boss for a salary hike or may look for a job with a better salary. If you are self-employed or engaged in a business, you should concentrate on earning more profits by working hard. It is also a good idea to do some part-time jobs that can fetch some extra cash and help in meeting some expenses. There are many online jobs nowadays, which can help you in earning more and solving your financial problems to a great extent.

2) Save more – You need to cut off some unnecessary expenses and focus more on saving your hard-earned money. Then you will find it easier to meet all essential expenses by the end of the month. You can buy things at a much cheaper price from small stalls instead of shopping malls where everything is usually costlier. The habit of dining out can also be limited and opt for homecooked meals, which will also save money and be healthy as well. Traveling by public transport, like buses or the metro, instead of your own car or cabs, can help you save money while commuting to your workplace daily. 

However, you should refrain from taking a loan as much as possible, as that will add an extra burden on your shoulders. 

Social problems: A major problem we face is to worry about what others may think about us. You cannot speak your mind out fearing others’ reactions to your words. You may also watch your actions, worrying about what your family members and neighbors will think of you. But one thing we must keep in mind is that no one can ever please everyone around us.

Distinguish between right and wrong – Firstly, you need to have a clear idea about what is right and what is wrong. If you see any incident in your family or locality that you feel is wrong, you should summon the courage to speak against it. If you feel that your words will have no impact, you can contact related authorities to set things in the right mode. Some social issues can be taken over by NGOs that work on different social causes. If it is legally related, you should not hesitate to contact your local police and seek help. 

Judge with proper reasons – It is not that everything others say is wrong even if it is against your belief. So, you need to be open-minded and judge all aspects properly. You need to evaluate a situation or other people’s words or actions before deciding your next step on that matter. If your family asks you not to wear a certain dress, you should ask them about the reason for their objection and then judge whether they are right or not. If they are wrong, you must convince them by explaining your view clearly, without offending them. 

Psychological problems: The human mind is a complicated matter, as we think too many things continuously. Various kinds of negative feelings intrude into our minds, making us sometimes mentally sick. So, there are some essential tips that can keep you mentally fit and help in solving your psychological issues. 

Be positive – You should see everything on a positive note. Negativity makes even simple things more complicated. So, let’s just practice to think positive in our daily life. A positive approach can easily solve many problems in life. 

Meditate daily –Meditation is a great medicine for calming an agitated mind. We should meditate at least once every day, preferably for 10 – 30 minutes. All modern doctors acknowledge the benefits of meditation in human life. So, you just need to forget all your problems while meditating and focus on a specific object, like the flame of a diya or a picture. 

Keep the mind busy –It is said that ‘Idle brain is devil’s workshop’. So, you should spend your free time reading engaging books, watching interesting shows on TV, or spending quality time with your family. You may also pursue your favorite hobby that will help you forget all your problems for the time being. 

Try to remain happy –It is written in a book of the Harry Potter series, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.” It is a universal advice that is applicable to all. You need to find happiness in little matters in life, like the bright morning light or the drizzling rain. Even if there is nothing around you to make you happy, you can seek happiness in the smile of others. 

Think rationally – You need to think with a cool brain, to find solutions to all problems. A heated brain can only add fuel and increase the intensity of a problem.  Hence, you need to rest and stay alone for a while before judging the entire situation that caused a problem. 

However, all these above-mentioned tips can only work if you are willing to face your problems boldly. Life can throw more problems in our way than we can even think of. But as it is said, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, we can always successfully overcome these problems and go on living happily. 

Lopamudra Sinha
Lopamudra Sinha



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