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A Start To A New Goodbye

11th November 2023 | 6 Views

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A start to a new goodbye is like opening the box of cookies and enjoying it on a cold winter night with fairy lights hanging atop the walls. Hello my dear readers, I am Nena Patel a young writer from India who is also pursing her MBBS from Chennai. I have been writing stories and poetry since the age of fifteen. Currently 19, and on my way to being 20 which by the way, still unbelievable. If you personally know me, then you know what a kid I am. Fond of adventures and dark poetry with a crisp of movies and old songs and many many books to read would describe my side hobbies. It took me a year to finally accept myself as a writer and submit my poetry for 4 anthologies. All my writer credibility has been given on this page [ Published Works https://minutiaememories.wordpress.com/__trashed/  ]. And one more year to finally start appreciating my work.

Poetry comes easy to me then stories so most of the time you will find poetries on my page, which also I enjoy with some photography that I do as a musings to my day to day life.  Apart from all this, dance has been another medium for me to express myself through and have been a trained classical dancer since 14years now. Had my dance performances nationally and internationally. So atleast, this all sums up that I like performing my art and am quite expressive.  

Be it a mediocre mundane life, or some life changing event that could make me go into loops, writing has helped me know me better and be comfortable with who I am today. 

So if you are interested in reading some musings of a 19 yr old through her lens, I invite to my Milyin blogs where i shall showcase you a gallery full of photographs and poetry and to rediscovering myself each day. 

For now, પછી મળ્યે (Adios) . Have a great day!!

Nena Patel



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