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Getting up with ghost

Karishma WaheedLast Seen: Jan 20, 2024 @ 7:55pm 19JanUTC
Karishma Waheed

11th November 2023 | 4 Views
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One day i woke up with little pain in my feet. I ignored like it’s nothing but that was something going to ruin my life forever. I ignored it for a long time until one horrible night when i was screaming at night 2 o clock. i was on call with my husband. he immediately rushed to my house my whole family was around me but i was screaming like some invisible force is trying to kill me by giving me severe body pain everyone was loosing there mind that what is happening suddenly to a healthy girl who runs to university giving tuition and what not, That night was a nightmare my life became hell i was stuck in a severe itchy body, I was not able to move no one bothers to take me hospital but wondering that i am cursed with some black magic, My bad i belong to a society where any medical emergency is taken so granted, This thought process made me hot topic in my family and friends, They think i am getting mad,

Second phase of my life is chilling and roller coaster for me,  I started hallucinating that yes some evil power has entered in me or may be i am stuck with some black magic, I was bed ridden and saw everyone enjoying there life and  i was on support. Well my mother is widow and old but she carries me to small local hospitals for my health but every doc said my medical reports are normal no one was able to diagnose or may be hospitals was so small that they can’t see out of the box treatments or any other tests, But my this dark, painful itchy tunnel was about to end now. These dark clouds was going to over soon when i one doc out of nowhere ran my CRP test which finally came as an answer of all my sufferings that i am autoimmune patient, Ah! Alas, i know everyone will think that i am mad or what that i  was happy that i was diagnosed with incurable condition and not with any temporary disease. This is what i want to tell my readers that this revelation was satisfying because i know that somehow i will manage with lifelong problem but people who were cursing me and making me believe that this is black magic and i need holy help and i will never be good again my life is end now,  This torture was about to end now i will finally get some medical attention on the serious note, My problem will be soon discovered and again i will be on my feets, Ah this thought was a relief and giving me so many hopes,

Third phase is my healing time and best patch my husband came in front supported me finally i got best medical attention in whole year, Thousands of test doc ran and finally my ghost was PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS yes my life changed, It’s tough some days are hell, But i have a daughter and son with me, Our sufferings changes our perceptive for life, Now my vision is so broad i guide people who suffers from this or related to this diseases, I was bed bound for a year but now i am bird who flies on clouds. I suffered alot but i in end i got my wings i am happy with my disease at least i am inspiration for many, i thanks my pain who taught me how to walk on fire, 


Karishma WaheedLast Seen: Jan 20, 2024 @ 7:55pm 19JanUTC

Karishma Waheed



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