Solo Trip to Exploring Wonder City of India


3rd July 2024 | 4 Views

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In the mystical land of Himalayas,

I embarked on a solo trip, finding my way.

True beauty adorned every mountain peak,

As I journeyed through valleys deep.


In Haridwar, I witnessed a divine sight,

The arti ceremony, ablaze with light.

The Ganges flowed with a sacred grace,

As devotees bowed, finding solace.


Mathura, the abode of Krishna Murari,

Unveiled a realm where dreams could carry.

The wonder world of colors and song,

Where devotion thrived, eternally strong.


But beyond the landscapes and ancient art,

It was the people who truly won my heart.

Their warmth and kindness touched my soul,

Embracing me, making me feel whole.


In the Himalayan true beauty I found,

A journey where hearts and souls resound.

Haridwar’s arti, Mathura’s Krishna Murari,

A wonder world with people as my truest safari.

Pranali Rayasane



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