Under Moon Light Single Men And Woman On Boating (1)

Me and My Love Under Moon’s Soft Light

7th November 2023 | 3 Views

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Under Moon Light Girl And Boy On BoatingIn the midnight’s hush, upon the tranquil sea,
We set sail on a boat, my love and me.
The moon’s gentle glow casts a magical spell,
As we embark on a journey, our hearts can tell.

With oars in hand, we glide through silver waves,
The enchanting melody that the night sky craves.
The stars above twinkle, dancing in delight,
Guiding us on this voyage, throughout the night.

The moonlight reflects, shimmering on the water’s face,
Creating a path of beauty, a celestial embrace.
Whispers of the breeze softly kiss our skin,
As we surrender to the night, letting the evening begin.

The boat glides with grace, as we venture further on,
Our souls entwined, under the moon’s enchanting song.
The silence broken only by the rhythm of the sea,
A symphony of tranquility, just my love and me.

Time stands still in this serene embrace,
As we navigate through the night’s embrace.
With every stroke, our love grows ever bright,
In this midnight boat ride, under the moon’s sweet light.

So let us sail, my love, on this moonlit sea,
In the midnight’s embrace, where our hearts are free.
For in this tranquil moment, we find pure delight,
In the beauty of the evening, under the moon’s soft light.

Pranali Rayasane



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