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Her in Wednesday

Black Barbie

7th November 2023 | 4 Views
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I still remember her,

as a little girl who overwaters the plants

because she doesn’t know when to stop giving.

She was like the moon-

a part of her was always hidden away

Then there comes a man from other shore of the ocean, far away

bought the colours from the nautical twilight

where the world had left her gray every night

with him she was a chrysalis

dreaming to be free 

to find the colour of her wings

with him she felt the effects of spring

in dry autumn

described as freshly bloomed flowers

she was lost in the woods

exploring like a swain

there started a soothing rain

and the shy peacock danced 

like no one is watching her

the wind started teasing her 

danced upon her cheeks 

her mind was playing tricks

she felt a sweet kiss on her forehead and faced upwards

admiring the wonderful array of colours

the sound of water crashing on the rocks

her feet being being caressed by the cold water

the wind that made her hair strands shatter

the water pearls placed gentle kisses on her skin

the blow of cold wind made every flowers face her 

like they’re dreaming the love story of her

something was definitely different this time

maybe she found the dove

maybe she’s in love

Counting the clouds, 

walking by the woods

with no clocks and no shoes

she walked towards the awaiting man of her dreams on

 the eve of that glorious wednessday

Black Barbie



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