These Steps Will Make You Millions Even As a Teenager

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You are young and ambitious, and you want to make it big early in your life.

So in today’s article, I’m going to reveal the seven principles for teenagers and people in their early 20s to become millionaires. This tutorial is based on what I learned from Iman Gadzhi.

Iman Gadzhi made his first million dollars at 18 years old, and no matter what you see on Tik Tok, I want you to know that that is not normal.

It is not normal in any shape, form, or fashion, but it is because he followed these seven principles.

So what I’m going to reveal to you today has not only helped him make his first million dollars at 18 years old, but it has also helped him amass a net worth of tens of millions of dollars by the age of 23.

But I do want to make it clear that no matter what anyone says, he can always hold his hand up and say that a very large portion of why I’m in the position I am today is because of luck or the grace of God, in my opinion, and timing, so just factor that in.

People have asked him over the years to do things like Q&As on Instagram or even on YouTube, where he answers questions about specific cases.

You can reach him and ask him some questions, but mind you, don’t go to his personal profile.

According to him, “my Instagram is just a stupid place where I post photo dumps from trips.

business trips what’s going on in my life, stuff like that. Earlier this year, I created an Instagram account called Talk with Iman, so you can just pull up your phone and request to follow that account. I usually tell my team to let in a thousand or two thousand people a week. I try my best, okay? I’ll hold my hands up, but sometimes I do miss it. I try my best to do a weekly Q&A just answering all of your business life questions, so go ahead and follow that account if you want a little bit more business advice.

1. You Need To Be A Pawn Before Being a King

According to Iman Gadzhi, the first principle to learn in order to be a millionaire in your teens or early 20s is that in order to be a king, you must first be a pawn, and this is really the issue with this generation. He says this generation, even though he is included in it, grew up with very traditional principles around respect.

He learned from a young age that you respect your elders, and that’s why, still to this day, he still sits across the table from people that, I’m going to be very honest with you, are far less successful than he is, but he still listens because for him, in his culture, you listen to your elders.

Now, that doesn’t mean you need to take everything that they say on board. But you at least listen, and because he grew up in this environment of learning respect, he learned that hey, you can be a king one day, but in order to be a king, you first need to be a pawn.

You first need to be able to earn your stripes, and by the way, he earned my stripes from a very young age. He started his first entrepreneurial ventures when he was 14, and he learned what it was like to work with clients and, quite frankly, to be their little boy.

He learned what it was like to pay my dues no matter what.

It’s kind of like, Listen, when you’re young and you join a football team, you’re going to be the one who’s the ball boy. At the end of training, you’re going to be the one who is expected to carry all of the equipment to and from.

You need to go through that to one day become the captain. You don’t just come in, especially as someone who is young, and become the captain all of a sudden, and that is the issue with today’s social media society. They look at things, they look at people, and they go. Okay,  I’m going to jump from here to here, and I deserve that for some reason.

According to Iman Gadzhi, people say, “Hey man, why do you recommend business models that you used to do? Why don’t you recommend what you’re doing right now?”

Iman Gadzhi: Do you realize how stupid that sounds? Do you realize why I may suggest business models I did when I first started my entrepreneurial ventures or within three years into my entrepreneurial ventures, not now that I am coming up to my 10th year as an entrepreneur? Do you not realize why I would suggest businesses that I started as a pawn as someone with no resources, no connection, no money, nothing? Do you realize why I suggest those businesses rather than the ones I have now with millions of followers, subscribers, and tens of millions of dollars? I’m sure you can kind of see why I think this is better than this.

But this is what I’m saying to the younger generation: they look at things, and they’re like, No, I want to jump straight to the finish line.

You have to earn your stripes.

So just remember that to be a king, you must first learn to be a pawn, and there is nothing wrong with that. By the way, there is honor and nobility in starting from the bottom of the pecking order, being quiet, respecting the process, and understanding that you will eventually work your way up the totem pole.

2. Dress to Elevate

Now the next principle for teenagers to become millionaires is to dress to elevate, and here’s what I mean by that.

When you are young, people are going to automatically discredit you. You don’t want to make it worse by the way you dress.

So here’s the thing: you can have a 30-year-old that dresses for big labels like Gucci, Balenciaga, and all that stuff.

Listen, I mean, I’m not against it, but sometimes when Iman is feeling comfortable, he dresses in streetwear, but if he’s going to an important meeting, he does not dress like that, and my point is that you can get a 30-year-old that dresses like that that looks like a 20-year-old.

Whereas you can get an 18- or 20-year-old that dresses very traditional, very classic, and you can get an 18- or 20-year-old that looks like they’re 30.

So the point is, don’t spend crazy amounts of money to have all these labels and this and that, and I don’t think that’s a good idea ever. Unless you really can afford it, you have a full wardrobe, and sometimes you just want to be a little playful.

My best recommendation is to just go for clothes that have no branding, no label, and I’m not saying that you need to dress in three-piece suits. Listen, even if you just go in a simple black T-shirt, simple trousers that aren’t too baggy, definitely no skinny jeans, and just some classic timeless shape shoes.

Listen, you’re not dressing incredibly well, but the point is that you can kind of hold your own in any room; sometimes less really is more.

So first, learn how to just dress classic and timeless, and then later down the line, you can start incorporating some suits. You can start incorporating some double-breasted suits. Maybe before you go to the suits, just get some nice Blazers and compare the Blazers with trousers; it doesn’t need to be a full suit.

You know a lot of times I’m just very comfortable with a nice round neck, a nice fitted white or black T-shirt, a smart Blazer over the top, some trousers,, and some smartshoes,s, and you have a very classic Timeless look.

That’s not overly formal, and you’re never going to be too overdressed in any situation.

But the point is that you really need to learn how to dress to elevate yourself, especially if you’re going into the world of business at a young age. I’m being honest with you; I experienced this firsthand. People will try to discredit you because of your age, so don’t give them any excuse or reason to make it an even bigger thing than it needs to be.

So dress older than you are.

3. Humble Yourself

The third principle for teenagers to become millionaires is to have something external that humbles them.

Here’s what I mean by that: There are a lot of people who are young and have a lot of ambition in their lives, but the issue is that there’s nothing in their lives that has humbled them.

Things that will humble you—combat sports, business—will humble you because no matter how good you are, when you get into the world of business, the market will tell you how good you are.

I’ll give you a perfect example: when Iman Gadzhi was 17 years old, he had gone up to, I think, 15 or 20 grand in his business.

At that point, he dropped out of school the month prior, and he hired his first employee. He was paying his full-time employee fifty thousand dollars a year, which, by the way, for a first employee at 17, that was big for him.

The employee even moved from his country to join Iman’s company—just him.

Within three to four days, he quit packing up his stuff and went back to his country and said, “I do not enjoy this work. It was one of the very few times Iman Gadzhi ever cried in his life.

He remembered talking to his mom and just crying, feeling like a failure. Your business is taking off; you’re hiring your first employee, and they leave because the work isn’t enjoyable enough or potentially, and this is something he had to face at the time. What was going through Iman Gadzhi’s mind was, “Maybe I just really wasn’t an inspiring leader; maybe I wasn’t the sort of leader where my team was like I would follow you into war.

Things are very different now. He has 150 employees, and he gets 40 000 people a year applying to work at one of his companies because he was humbled when he was 17.

Hey, maybe you’re not as good as you think you are. Maybe you think that you’re this little child prodigy. Are you sure about that? Let me humble you. Whether it’s business or combat sports, you need something external in your life to humble you and put you in your place, because the thing is, especially if you earn a lot of success at a young age, you’re going to start to think you’re hot, and if you don’t have anything to humble you, you will end up becoming your worst enemy.

4. No casual dating.

Either something serious or nothing at all

If you are in your teenage year or your early 20s, either you go for something serious—no casual dates, no casual flings, stuff like that.

Listen, you are a man in your early years. Make something of yourself and either have a partner early on; they will support you through that as something serious or none of this casual hinge Tinder stuff, because let me tell you something. It is taking you away from your best years.

The other thing is that we live in a very brutal dating culture.

I’m going to be very honest with you.

So why are you 19 and trying to navigate this crazy, difficult dating culture where there are successful men all around the world who, through Instagram and all of these other mediums, have access to all these women? Why would you, at 19, try to compete with that? Either you have that serious girl who holds it down for you, or you don’t try to casually date.

If you want a casual date, have fun. I’m speaking to someone who has had both sides of the equation until this state. I still like to have fun; there’s nothing wrong with it, but I put my head down and worked like a dog for years and years.

Even Iman Gadzhi said, At 19 and 20 and being a multi-millionaire, what’s the point of me really focusing on women and having fun and enjoying myself?

All these women and girls don’t want guys aged 19 or 20, and you need to understand that, as a guy, you become most attractive once you get past the age of 25. Really, from 25 to 35 is when you’re most attractive to women, and it really only starts at 25.

According to Iman, “please take this coming from me; there is nothing on earth, nothing on earth that is more viable than that if you’ve got a day one girl and you managed to get a day one girl. I have done and still do all these things, but I understand that that does not come remotely close to a day-one girl who is there for you from the jump, so either aim for that, because, by the way, that is the most valuable thing you could ever get in life. So either you get that or just don’t casual date because you are in your building phase and have so much time, especially as a man. Keep your head down, keep focused—no casual dating—and then once you’ve made something of yourself, pop your head up, and then you can have a little bit of fun before eventually, hopefully, one day, you find your actual queen.

5. Keep your circles small, but your influence large.

Here’s what I mean by that: there is nothing wrong with many people knowing you or with you having many acquaintances, but you should have very few friends, and here’s the thing. Most people in this fake life don’t know the difference between an acquaintance and a friend because most people don’t understand what true loyalty is. They are around people that they don’t like; they’re around people for clout or money and this and that, and that’s why, by the way, it’s so important to get yourself strong first so that people later down line can’t throw money or women or clout at you and you’re impressed by it.

You need to make yourself strong. You need to make yourself a fortress. But back to the point: keep your circle tight but your influence large.

Many people can and should know of you, and I’m not talking about having a massive social media following or this or that; I just mean that even in the industry you’re in, never unnecessarily burn. Bridges Always be very polite and courteous to people, but always understand that you can probably only have a select handful of true friends—true brothers in arms—true people that will love you and do anything for you. That’s a very small circle, so your circle of influence can and should be large, but keep your actual circle solid and full of good people.

6. God will test you.

The next principle you need to follow is that God will always test you to see what you can handle, and if you can’t, he will take it away from you. This is very important because becoming successful and making your first million in your teens or early 20s is great.

Can you keep it now? and not only can you keep it, but can you multiply it because that’s a lot of pressure?

If you make your first million dollars when you’re 18 or you’re 20 or you’re, you know, even 23, that’s great, but there’s a lot of pressure every year after that. Can you hold that same standard?

So you need to understand that if God blesses you and gives you that million at a young age, he’s going to see if you can handle it.

He’s going to see if you can humble yourself.

That’s why earlier I told you you have things external in your life that will constantly humble you. business martial arts, setting challenges for yourself, and seeing if you can accomplish things that really make you dig deep, because here’s the thing: if you don’t have these external things to humble you,

If you don’t humble yourself, God will humble you, and when God humbles you, it’s with a ferocity you can’t even imagine because you’re not ready for it yet. As quickly as it’s given, it’s taken away, and you need to understand these things.

So as long as you go into it with the mindset that when you make your first million, you’re not going to be driving around in the G-Wagon and you’re going to go to the bank like an idiot and take out thirty thousand dollars in cash, that way you can do an Instagram story where you spread all the money in your hands. Now all you do is listen to Lil Baby in your rented G-Wagon and pop bottles at the beach club, and now your business is just on autopilot. God will put you in your place.

So before that happens, put other things in place. I’ve already given a few, but even if you can get an older mentor or an older confidant to look at you and say you ain’t good,

Doing it once is nothing special; you’re only a legend. If you can do it back-to-back, that’s when you’re a legend.

7. Invest early.

Now the last principle to tie it all together is to invest early and invest as much as you can.

Here is the thing: if you make money at a young age, try to get it away from you as soon as possible. I’m talking about property; I’m talking about maybe even buying some physical gold. I’m talking about things where the money can get away from you and it’s not easy to sell.

Here’s the issue sometimes, and I’m not totally opposed to it. Here’s sometimes the issue with crypto or stocks: you can buy and sell them very easily, but you can’t buy and sell real estate very easily. so buying things that aren’t actually very liquid at a young age. I think later down the line, once you’re established, that can actually be a detriment; it actually makes things a little bit more difficult, but when you’re at a young age, you are your worst enemy.

You’re probably the biggest reason why you’re going to make things worse.

So what you want to do is, once you make money, push it away as quickly as possible, because here’s the other thing, and once again, I’m talking from experience when you are young and you make a lot of money. You know what people think. People don’t think, Oh well done, people think you got lucky, so there’s no point being 19 years old driving all these supercars and blah blah all this stuff because you’re not impressing anyone. People just think you’re lucky; that’s it. You’re better off taking the money and investing it, and when you’re 23, you’re 25, and you get to an age where people can kind of believe this has happened a little bit more. Maybe you’re 22, but you’re dressed apart, and people think you’re a little older, and that’s when you can enjoy it, live it up, and do these things.

When you get out of your Supercar, people will actually think that you bought that, but when you’re 19 and you look young, people will either think you got lucky, they’re going to think you invested in some pump and dumb coin, or they’re going to think Daddy’s money

So while you’re trying to flex, and let’s be honest, if you’re young and you’re buying these supercars, you’re probably trying to flex. It’s not even having the intended effect, so just tell yourself, you know what? Any money that comes in, I’m going to invest as much as I humanly can.

I’m going to make myself solid, and I’m going to enjoy these things a little later down the line, so ladies and gentlemen, I present to you these principles.

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