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4 K-POP Inspired Outfits for Women


13th November 2023 | 3 Views

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Korean pop music has taken over the world. The impact of Korean culture on the people has increased in recent years globally. K-pop is not only popular for its music but also for its fashion. Their fashion is modern, comfortable, and quirky. From stage outfits to airport looks, people are crazy about k-pop fashion. Especially when it comes to female fashion, k-pop artists have given us some breathtaking looks. Blackpink, Twice, and Red velvet are some girl groups that never fail to give us iconic looks. Korean people, in general, like cute things, and their outfits are also often cute, but they are not lagging behind in dressing sexy and cool. If you are fascinated by k-pop fashion and don’t know how to achieve that look, this post will help you out. I have created 4 outfit ideas inspired by k-pop for you that are easy to style and look good on different body types. 


Shorts are popular among k-pop girls. From their stage performances to casual looks, they prefer shorts. Shorts are comfortable and can be styled in multiple ways. For our first look, you need a pair of peppy shorts and a body-hugging crop top. A full-sleeved crop top will work best with this look since it balances out the amount of skin showing. The Square and sweetheart neckline will add the perfect amount of feminine we need for this look. A pair of chunky sneakers along with some neck chains and rings will complete this look. And don’t forget to carry a textured shoulder bag. Pexels Omar Luis 16977880


Oversized clothing is in trend right now and will stay in trend for a while. K-pop idols are often seen wearing oversized jackets and coats, which gives depth to their outfits. In winter we already wear jackets and coats then why not wear them like a pro. For this, you will need a solid turtle neck, skinny jeans, boots, and an oversized jacket. Skinny jeans with a turtle neck look very classy, and an oversized jacket on top of that gives definition to your look. Add a layered necklace and a bucket hat which is a typical element in Korean fashion. Pexels Julia Avamotive 1034859


Ninety’s fashion is back in the game with its wide-legged jeans. These jeans are comfortable, stylish, and quirky. K-pop idols are seen experimenting a lot with wide-legged jeans for their airport looks. They have given us some really trendy jeans ideas. From thousand of looks, I have created this third look which I think is very chic. This look consists of a pair of wide-leg jeans, a crop top, and a cropped jacket. While wide-leg jeans add drama to the bottom, a crop top with a cropped jacket will add a perfect amount of chicness to the outfit. Complete the look by wearing basic canvas shoes that will help in balancing out the whole look. Pexels Nanda Mends 11862262


K-pop-inspired outfit list is incomplete without a cute dress. When we say Korea, the first thing that strikes our mind is cute outfits. Female idols are known to wear soft and feminine outfits. And not only idols but normal Korean girls also like dressing cute in day-to-day life. So, I had to include a cute dress in this post. A ruffle dress with a pair of heels is exactly what we need for this look. Style the dress with crystal earrings and a nude-colored clutch. Soft colors like baby pink, powder blue, sage green, and lilac will be ideal for the look we are going for. Pexels Daniel Kondrashin 17920130

Summing it up, I would like to say that you should feel confident in whatever you wear, explore new styles and keep experimenting. Try these outfits and let me know which is your favorite outfit in the comment section. Share this blog with your family and friends. 

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