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AshwathLast Seen: Nov 5, 2023 @ 7:31pm 19NovUTC

When you spend time with women & little more time in understanding them you will be blazed by their spirit, enthusiasm, zeal, capacity & their potential.

I read somewhere unable to recall the source : “if you want to understand women look at mother nature” . 

The mother nature makes you wonder at every nuances she does, every curl she takes. With rays of sun to shades of dark every tick of change its full of awe.

You awestruck is experienced when you find women, a sister, a girl friend, a wife, a mother doing her role with utmost wholeheartedness.

A man’s life is spent more of his time with women. Till teenage with mom at home : the learnings, the goodness, the lively Ness, contribution, cooperation, the enrichment. Be’s there without knowing the importance of it.

Watching mom tackling daily challenges make him look for solutions, getting smarter ways, learning interactions, empathy, caring, nurturing, managing of things such as groceries, time, multitasking & value of people & role.

The experiences of love, anger, bad yells, frustrations, hopes, laughs, teachings, help makes you aware life of all quadrants. 

Second most of life time is journeyed with Wife.  The smiles, the gazes, the cheers, faces, the flaunts, the taunts, the beauty, the beast, the egos, the goals, the warnings, the heroics, the clashes, the cuddles, the calender, the leisure, the love, the shares, the meals, the serves, the purposes, the achievements.  You practically live everything the life is all about. 

She is the wonderwall, always make you wonder like mother nature.

I rewire thoughts sometimes & find there is no ease without she & it’s not easy to be “she”. 

AshwathLast Seen: Nov 5, 2023 @ 7:31pm 19NovUTC



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