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Millets for good health

5th November 2023 | 3 Views

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With UN announcing 2023 as year of millets, we have been bombarded with advertisements of millets in newspapers. Lets learn about the health benefits of millets, which used to be staple food in india. From improving gut health to helping in controlling diabetes, millets offer varied benefits


Millets are the superfood.

• They are gluten free, so people allergic to gluten can rely on them.
• They are rich in fibre, helps keeping the stomach full for long.                 
• They are rich in phytates, phenols, tannins and helps protecting cells against damage. 
• Millets could really prove helpful in controlling blood sugar levels, cholesterol, hypertension and further protecting from cardiovascular diseases. 

They can be eaten in the form of porridge or rotis in a simpler way. But there are number of recipes of millets available. Even in the recent G20 summit held in india, the guests were served ranges of dishes made out of millets.

To achieve good health , one can definitely try replacing wheat and rice with millets.

Navneet Kaur



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