Teaching Job Vs Free and Lance


3rd July 2024 | 10 Views

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Job 7291427 1280Myself and my friend Radha were teaching in private school.  School was paying us good salary but of course not to level of Govt. school teacher grade. Radha was very much #upset with this issue. I used to tell “dear Radha just forget it dear. Time is not with us so we should #forget this issue for time being”.

As luck would have it #pandemic 2020 started. School started #on line classes for students, consequently school #diminished teacher’s pay packet by significant amount. Myself and Radha missed out teaching our dear student #face to face, talking to our other respected teachers in person. Our senior teachers were our #back bone. They gave us such good #advises which I and dear Radha #cherish them till today. We were not happy. We were missing out on #meeting students, their parents, making friends, and attending #educational conferences.

We decided to put our hands on as a #freelancer, it was initially very difficult work for us. We had to   #create our own #opportunities to socialize, regardless of whether we work at a co-working place or talk to random #strangers on the street (which is quite difficult in quite a few pockets of our town).

Some may say, since we were an #introvert & didn’t care about #socializing that’s why we found it difficult. But involving ourselves in #freelancing, we realized we still need to interact with people to remain sane. We also understood that one big #requirement of freelancing is one absolutely must have a monetizable skill!, unless one can solve someone else’s woes, nobody is going to pay one.

 We were offered multiple job opportunities, we were #hesitant to take them on as pay packet offered did not make sense to us from a #financial perspective.

We were in fix. We decided to take up private school teaching and at the same time as and when we get time we must learn tricks of #freelancing. With that determination my self and dear Radha sought #blessings of God for unique freelancing!!!

Now Covid is over. My self and dear Radha  are down to the big question: should we freelance? or keep teaching in private school and enjoy the same.

Moral of Story-Well, even though our experience with free lancing was mostly positive, we would encourage everyone to weigh the pros & cons and test out the freelancing waters.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986




e Mail-sukarma @iitk.ac.in

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