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Magic for Soul

MAHIMA BACHANILast Seen: Nov 7, 2023 @ 2:26pm 14NovUTC

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This creation gives a tacit description of healing power of The Moon . The soothing light of moon carries the healing power, all we have to do is trust him. It is said that basking & meditating  in the moon lights strengthens our psychic condition and helps us gain control over our emotions. 
I wrote this when I finally found solace in the moon for all the struggles I have struggling through , for all the worries that have been worrying me , for all the sadness saddening me … .. . But now I have found my peace.

Far away from me

Stays my friend, 

Has a darker side

Which grows & shrinks with a trend,

But all I see is the brighter side

That has a peaceful shine to mend,

The light brings the magic

To the souls that are abandoned,

It Has nothing to share

But a lot to offer

It Has nothing to tell

But a lot to heal,

All it does is steal the deal

And let the soul heal.

It is nothing but Magic for Soul.

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Thankyou for reading this.
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MAHIMA BACHANILast Seen: Nov 7, 2023 @ 2:26pm 14NovUTC




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