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Poem :Left beloved

Swati BajajLast Seen: Nov 5, 2023 @ 3:37pm 15NovUTC
Swati Bajaj

3rd November 2023 | 4 Views
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I don’t know the inauspicious time my beloved left home.
Loving monsoon long gone,
shedding leaves from the deciduous trees
bringing in the augery of storm.
No welcome news of his arrival.
My ears dried
My heart throbs.
Throbbing that makes itself scared,
worrying about his survival. 
I light the lamp in his name.
Wherever he may, he be safe,without pain
I protect that lamp from heavy rains pattering on my weak heart,
over the brink ,
tears rolling tide, 
down my withered cheek;
I protect the lamp from gust of winds unwilling to abide,
chided to calm.
Why air is holding pride,
when I inhale breath from him.
Lying shattered on gleamy quadrangle, 
My soul is perturbed 
I am dying with penitance
if I could not protect him well.
I warded off the evil’s eye,
but pillow hid the amulet 
when he was leaving.

The last time when we hit the sack,
I subsumed him in my spirit. 
I weaved those sweet dreams,
vows and plea.
Of me and him forever as we.
He settled in my veins
Veins that travese heart
He settled in the breaths
Breaths that I take in
Impossible to retract

Besides him
time flew away 
with snap of fingers.
The same time has refused to walk,
untirelessly lingers.
Every passing minute, a torture.
Every second is incision.
“If not willing to come
Send a post through homing pigeon
to convey your safety and wellbeing.
So that my soul could fly
to you,
be there forever.”

Swati BajajLast Seen: Nov 5, 2023 @ 3:37pm 15NovUTC

Swati Bajaj



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