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3rd July 2024 | 21 Views

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Anxious all day, Anxious all night

Don’t know what’s wrong and what’s right

For a moment in sky, in the other one I wanna cry

Should I ask for help Or just stay strong and yelp

Anxious all day, Anxious all night

Put up a fake smile or just behave witch like

Cry my heart out at night or get attacked by my own dreams like a knight

They say I am the strongest they have seen, but this is the weakest I have ever been

Anxious all day, Anxious all night

All of them are fake and honest none, 

Then how come I am the crazy one

Nights are long, so are the suns

Here I am hiding all of my burns

This or that, don’t know how to act

Just me anxious all day, anxious all night. 

#anxious #anxiouspoem #poemforanxiouspeople #poetry #poemoftheday #anxiety #poem

Pragya Singh



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