Impact of covid-19 on Pharma Industry

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16th October 2023 | 10 Views
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#0e101a“>The impact of covid 19 on the pharma industry is very high because people are afraid of covid 19 varients day by day, On another side, there is black marketing on vaccine doses, and pharma companies should high their vaccine rates. #0e101a“>The Covid-19 Omicron variant was seen in Africa firstly, but the whole world about this variant last December. Those who created an atmosphere of fear of these vaccine companies got rich after that. Your fear has become a money-printing machine for these pharma companies. 

Only about-2 companies in America:

  • Pfizer
  • Moderna

#0e101a“> #0e101a“>Only about 8 investors of these companies (Pfizer & Moderna) made a profit of $75 billion in a week. If we think about their profit from coronavirus so, why do these companies want to end pandemics! These companies would like that the new variant of Corona variants are like new products, On which nothing is spent but profit is millions.

#0e101a“> #0e101a“>The Fear Business model is an old business model in the world, Also, Weapons were sold because of fear or to save the world, I#0e101a“>n ancient times, Similarly, the business model of fear is used everywhere.

#0e101a“> #0e101a“>At Present, all the companies that are making vaccines in the world used to be in loss before Covid-19, In the year 2020, A company named Moderna was running in a loss of $40 million., But in 2021 this company generated revenue of $7 billion. Similarly, the total revenue of Pfizer was $8 billion, But in 2021 its revenue increased to $19 billion, All this happened due to the reason of Covid-19 and its fear.

#0e101a“> #0e101a“>In India COVISHIELD™ manufacturer company Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd. There was also a huge profit in the revenue, In 2020 total revenue of Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd was 5,446 crores rupees, In 2021, the company got a profit of 2251 rupees crores, and their profit in the total income was 41%. If the company made a profit of more than 5000 crores turnover in 2021 that company is only Serum Institute of India. However,

#0e101a“>a profit also happened to Bharat Biotech and many other types of companies. The revenues of pharma Companies have reached so high that it is capable of running not only politics but also affecting economic matters of the countries. The multinational companies that manufacture vaccines make a secret deals with other countries.  Serum Institute of India  COVISHIELD™ which is the government of India would get Rs.215 and Available in Argentina and other African countries for more than Rs.3000.

#0e101a“>Also, Pfizer company only spends $1 to make a vaccine dose and sells $30 in other countries. #0e101a“>These companies are doing this because the vaccine did not reach small & poor countries and new variants were available forever. If they covered all the people of the world in one stroke, then their business could be ruined. So, What will happen to their business then?  that’s why many companies make such efforts that a large country in the world cannot be provided with such a vaccine doses, because if the vaccine will not reach there, then new variants of covid and other types of diseases are alive. for eg: Omicron found in South Africa.

#0e101a“> #0e101a“>No one can defeat the new variants of covid-19 until all the people get vaccinated, And the same thing is happening in the world right now in rich and poor countries and especially in western countries. After the vaccine’s first dose, now the booster dose has also started, but the poor country like African countries still yearns for the only first dose. In the U.S (the United States) 20% of all vaccines available are booster doses, Booster doses are also stored by rich countries. All these countries can vaccinate their people twice. they have so many vaccines.#0e101a“>If seen, the complete formula of profit is rich countries will save their population and economy by putting booster doses, these pharma companies and their countries will benefit greatly from the new variants of the Covid-19 that will emerge from poor countries. All the Pharma Companies in the world want that the new varients of Corona virus never expire as they will get benefit from them, And this world should not become such as it was before 2020.


Rishabh TanwarOffline

Rishabh Tanwar



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