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5 reasons why celebrities are more prone to depression

Jass Kaur

1st November 2023 | 6 Views
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We all must have heard or read somewhere that it becomes lonely at the top. In past few years there has been a lot of instances of depression among celebrities which has even led to suicide in a couple of cases. Usually ,we see these superstars flaunting their lifestyle , posing for cameras , laughing, and cheering during interviews but often “behind the scenes” struggle becomes invisible to normal people eye.

It’s a well-known fact that a lot of famous artists, musicians , entertainers, and CEOs for that matter suffer from mental break down or atleast are seeking some kind of psychiatrist help. Even though they are living the life which most of us can only dream of , but sometimes the stardom leads to self-contemplation & identity crisis which further bursts out as depression.


Constantly scrutinized lives : When we look at day to day lives of these  celebrities , we can’t deny the fact that they live a highly public life. They can’t even step out of their house without camera flashes knowing that their small misstep can break the internet. Though , this admiration is enjoyed ( sometimes even encouraged) by the actors at the beginning of their career  but becomes a nuisance for them at the later stage. Even their families & children can’t escape the fact that they are related to a famous person.

Many a times media misleads common public by spreading fake news and misinformation about them just for TRP’s. Their bodies are constantly objectified on platforms like Instagram with loads of comments and memes. To summarize , no matter how much they try , public eye can’t be escaped as they are public figures. This constant surveillance hugely impacts their lives.

Unstable relationships : Celebrities had to deal with family and relationship drama whilst their career. Even most of actors have a similar story of leaving their parents/siblings behind to build their dream life. Many of them face innumerable rejections and constant pressure to prove themselves but find nobody to share their problems with.  Hence, they coup up everything inside them which becomes dangerous to their mental health at later stage of life.

Their romantic relationships are always the talk of town. Whenever such relations are revealed in the public eye , media often follows them 24/7. Fans always wait for the latest update and that encourages media to push themselves to such a limit they don’t even think twice to invade their private moments. This usually causes issues among the couple. Hence , superstars find it impossible to open and be vulnerable to somebody. This becomes a reason for depression , anxiety &  phobias in the long run.

Drug Abuse : When the actors feel lonely and find it difficult to share their issues with anybody then using drugs especially alcohol , seems to be an easy way out. But slowly and gradually this becomes an addiction even without noticing. Constant pressure from the outside world to be the perfect version of themselves & being part of a highly competitive industry ,where rags to riches & riches to rags is a story of one day, all these things add to the complications in their lives.

Hence , celebrities find drugs as their constant companion to escape all the façade , even knowing that this will lead to serious health problems in long run. In the beginning it’s  by choice but soon after, it becomes an addiction.

At the end we can say that though there are many internal reasons for depression among actors, but the external factors are equally responsible. Hope that this can change someday.

Jass Kaur



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