Barely visible

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Barely visible

I cried oceans of tears.
And now I’m drowning.
Nobody sees me.
And now I’m shouting,
Because I am barely visible,
Oh, the right word is I am invisible.
I am completely under the water.
And my eyes can’t see anything.
My mind is in chaos.
Because it is crowded with many things.
Why can’t they hear me?
It’s so blue here,
I’m reaching for this liquid,
But my hands can’t touch it, as it’s so clear.
Do they even miss me?
I don’t think they do.
Because they won’t even have noticed me.
Drowning in this pool.
It’s completely dark here.
My lungs are filled with this water.
Now that I have stopped breathing,
I can stop my heart from to shatter.
My body might now be pale and blue,
Just like the water,
I am now part of this sea.
The sea creatures have adapted to me.
Noticed me

Even though I was invisible 
Because for the people outside this sea,
I was barely visible.


Prath .Last Seen: Nov 21, 2023 @ 3:06pm 15NovUTC

Prath .



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