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City Night


29th October 2023 | 25 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This poem is totally based upon the modern world and culture comparing with the old times . This is not to comment on others choices or it doesn't opposes today's trend although it is showing the difference in importance between the generations and their preferences. This is purely written by me which declares the copyright of mine as ©AdyagniDurgapriya or ©Kabyashree.

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The glowing lights of the night sky 
The shines hanging at a distant height
Looks as some shimmering stars
In the presence of dark light
In the active world the glows day and night
Enjoying the modern beauty of modern life.
Wondering about if what's that
That's what the city night

Busy in their daily heavy duties
Restaurants are the best sight
Enjoying the lonely dinner of life
Under the artificial presence of moonlight.

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