The Rain’s Embrace


3rd July 2024 | 9 Views

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When clouds gather and skies turn gray,
And nature dons a shade of misty blue,
A tender hush, a soothing grace,
Announces the arrival of the rainy season’s embrace.

Each drop that falls from the heavens high,
A lullaby for a parched earth’s cry,
It taps the window with gentle fingers,
And in its rhythm, the world lingers.

The streets are washed in liquid rhyme,
As puddles form in their own time,
Raindrops play on the rooftops’ beat,
A melody of serenity, so sweet.

The leaves glisten with liquid jewels,
In the garden, nature’s palette rules,
Blossoms bow in a grateful dance,
As rain’s tender touch grants them a chance.

Umbrellas open like colorful blooms,
And the scent of petrichor in the air looms,
Each step taken on wet, glistening ground,
Is a journey into a world newly found.

Children splash in puddles of delight,
Their laughter rising to joyful heights,
With every droplet, a story unfolds,
In the symphony that the rain beholds.

The world is cleansed, made anew,
As rain washes away yesterday’s hue,
A reminder of nature’s rebirth,
A miracle found in every drop of earth.

So when the rain begins to fall,
And the world’s wrapped in a watery thrall,
Embrace the season, its gentle grace,
For in the rain, there’s a hidden embrace.

Sui Park



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