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Whispers in the Sky


26th October 2023 | 8 Views

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Up in the boundless cerulean sea,
Where dreams and wonders forever vie,
Float the ethereal ships of the sky,
In the grand tapestry of clouds up high.

Clouds, like cotton candy soft and white,
In the realm of heavens’ endless flight,
They gather in clusters, silently they roam,
Painting stories in the azure dome.

Cumulus puffs, like marshmallow dreams,
Wandering castles with silver seams,
Infinite shapes they seem to take,
A mesmerizing, ever-changing wake.

Nimbus, the gray, brings life-giving rain,
Washing away our troubles and pain,
A blessing from the heavens, a soothing sound,
As it whispers secrets to the ground.

In the evening, as the sun takes its bow,
Stratus blankets with a tranquil vow,
They bring twilight’s gentle embrace,
In their cool, calming, and tender grace.

A canvas for artists, poets, and more,
To find inspiration in the skies they explore,
With every shift, with every sigh,
Clouds tell stories in the vast, open sky.

So look up, my friend, to the canvas above,
Where these floating wonders freely rove,
In their silent tales, you’ll find your way,
In the ever-changing clouds’ display. 

Sui Park



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