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Majestic Peaks

26th October 2023 | 8 Views

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In nature’s grand gallery, reaching for the skies,
Stand the guardians of the Earth, majestic and wise.
With rugged faces weathered by time’s art,
Mountains rise in splendor, a world apart.

Their ancient spires kiss the heavens above,
Silent sentinels of strength and love.
With peaks that pierce the azure blue,
Mountains command respect, it’s true.

Through valleys deep and canyons wide,
Rushing rivers on their rugged side,
Mountains shape landscapes with tender care,
A beauty that’s beyond compare.

In winter’s grasp, they wear a snowy crown,
A regal sight that makes heads bow down.
In summer, meadows bloom at their feet,
A vibrant scene where life’s rhythms meet.

Hikers and climbers seek their heights,
Guided by adventure’s endless lights.
In the challenge of ascent, they find their quest,
A journey where the soul’s put to the test.

Mountains hold secrets, stories untold,
In their stony hearts, treasures of old.
A testament to Earth’s enduring grace,
In these hallowed peaks, we find our place.

The sunset’s glow, a painter’s delight,
Turns mountain silhouettes gold and bright.
As stars emerge in the twilight’s dance,
Mountains watch over with a silent trance.

So stand in awe of these giants tall,
In their shadow, let your spirit enthral.
Majestic peaks, in nature’s grand scheme,
A timeless wonder, a poet’s dream.

Sui Park



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